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PBA provides Business Blueprints to help you run your business efficiently. Many of these documents have been provided by other members for you to use as a guide. Remember to have any document reviewed by your attorney before implementing it into your business.

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Business Management

    Finance / Inventory

    10 Tips to Go Green On Your Bottom Line LOGIN
    Closeout Worksheet LOGIN
    End of Day Closeout Worksheet LOGIN
    Exception Worksheet LOGIN
    Gift Card Expiration by State LOGIN
    Trade Show Budget Template LOGIN

    Retail / Store

    Leasing Checklist and Action Plan LOGIN
    New Store Location Supply List LOGIN
    New Store Order Guidelines LOGIN
    Store Set Up Checklist LOGIN
    Store Set Up Interdepartmental Checklist LOGIN

    Sales / Customer Service

    Manufacturer Distributor Contract Discussion Points LOGIN
    New Customer Program-Five Touches LOGIN

    Strategic Planning

    New Idea Implementation Checklist LOGIN
    Strategic Planning Form LOGIN
    Strategic Planning Tools-Timeline-Template LOGIN

    Vendor Relations

    Criteria for Vendor Relationship LOGIN
    New Vendor Questions LOGIN


Guest Services

Human Resources


    Employee vs Booth Renter Comparison LOGIN
    Assistant Evaluation Checklist LOGIN
    Evaluation for Customer Service LOGIN
    Goals for Stylist Levels LOGIN
    Nail Tech Evaluation LOGIN
    Receptionist Position Description and Evaluation LOGIN
    Self Evaluation for Desk Staff LOGIN
    Self Evaluation for Estheticians LOGIN
    Self Evaluation for Stylist LOGIN
    Stylist Position Description and Evaluation LOGIN
    Stylist Team Member Evaluation LOGIN


    Assistant Apprentice Agreements LOGIN
    Company Property Agreement LOGIN
    Disciplinary Notice LOGIN
    Education Fund Agreement LOGIN
    Education Reimbursement Acknowledgment LOGIN
    Education Reimbursement Agreement LOGIN
    Employee Confidentiality Agreement LOGIN
    Employee Training Agreement LOGIN
    Employee Warning Notice LOGIN
    General Employment Agreement LOGIN
    General Employment Agreement 2 LOGIN
    General Non-Compete Agreement LOGIN
    HR Employee Training Agreement #2 LOGIN
    Hair Extension Guarantee Of Payment LOGIN
    Hair Extension Quote Calculation Sheet LOGIN
    Hair Extension Service Waiver LOGIN
    Independent Contractor Agreement 2010 LOGIN
    Keyholder Agreement LOGIN
    Non-Compete-Confidentiality-Training Agreement LOGIN
    Regional Manager Checklist LOGIN
    Sales Consultant Employment Agreement LOGIN
    Sales Consultant Performance Checklist LOGIN
    Sales Rep Non-Compete Paragraph LOGIN
    Salon-Spa Employee Application LOGIN
    Separation and Release Agreement LOGIN
    Staff Evaluation Service Provider Benchmarks LOGIN
    Staff Manager Evaluation LOGIN
    Staff Self Evaluation LOGIN


    101 Interview Questions LOGIN
    Interview Questions 2 LOGIN
    Interview Questions 3 LOGIN
    Interview Questions 4 LOGIN
    Interview Questions 5 LOGIN

    Job Descriptions

    Accounting Clerk LOGIN
    Accounting Clerk 2 LOGIN
    Accounts Payable Clerk LOGIN
    Accounts Receivable Clerk LOGIN
    Accounts Receivable Manager LOGIN
    Business Services Coordinator LOGIN
    Chief Financial Officer LOGIN
    Controller LOGIN
    Customer Service Manager LOGIN
    Customer Service Representative LOGIN
    Customer Service Supervisor LOGIN
    Designer LOGIN
    Director of Customer Care LOGIN
    Educational Director LOGIN
    Guest Services Team Member LOGIN
    Guest Services Coordinator LOGIN
    Assistant Guest Services Coordinator LOGIN
    Assistant Guest Services Coordinator - Productivity LOGIN
    Hair Designer LOGIN
    Location Manager LOGIN
    President LOGIN
    Protege Designer LOGIN
    Purchasing Manager LOGIN
    Receptionist LOGIN
    Regional Sales Manager LOGIN
    Salon Director LOGIN
    Salon Director Assistant LOGIN
    Service Personnel LOGIN
    Technical Assistant Job Description and Evaluation LOGIN


    Cell Phone Usage Policy LOGIN
    Education Reimbursement Acknowledgement LOGIN
    Employee Handbook LOGIN
    Employee Handbook #2 LOGIN
    Employee Manual LOGIN
    Employee Manual 2 LOGIN
    Front Desk Manual LOGIN
    Front Desk Operations LOGIN
    Front Desk Policies LOGIN
    Human Resources Policy Manual LOGIN
    Safety Policy Manual LOGIN
    Substance Abuse Policy Paragraph LOGIN


Marketing / Communications