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Deregulation: From Awareness to Action


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Deregulation: From Awareness to Action

Several states have proposed legislation to eliminate cosmetology state boards, licensing and other regulatory measures. Other states are considering similar legislation in an attempt to save money or minimize government oversight. Can you imagine the impact this "deregulation" would have on your business? On public health and safety? On the legitimacy of our industry and our careers?

Join BeautyU for an informative update on what deregulation means to you. The Professional Beauty Association's Director of Government Affairs, Myra Irizarry, will walk you through the critical elements of this important topic, such as:

- What is deregulation?

- Examples of recent deregulation attempts

- How will our industry be impacted (Professionals, Owners, Manufacturers and Distributors)

- How can you get involved?

- How does PBA advocate for our industry?

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