Manufacturer Candidates

Manufacturer Candidates

Advisory Council voting is Now Open!

Each year, PBA Manufacturer Members can elect two (2) members to the Advisory Council.

Each Advisory Council has six representatives, and the terms are for three years. Two of these representatives' terms will expire on August 31, 2023. The newly elected representatives will join their Council to represent the members-at-large of their membership section.

As set forth in the bylaws, the Advisory Council established a nominating committee to develop a slate of candidates for your consideration. Members were notified of the opportunity to be considered as a candidate for the Advisory Council via the PBA website, social media, and email communications. The Nominating Committee considered each applicant's experience and skillset and is confident the final candidates are highly qualified to be part of your Advisory Council.

Read the candidate bios below and click VOTE NOW to submit your votes. Choose TWO nominees from those listed below.

Votes must be submitted by May 15, 2023.


BETH CARSON *Incumbent
The Sam Villa Co. – Seattle, WA
PBA Member Organization since 2008

Beth Carson has been an active member of PBA's Manufacturers Advisory Council for the past six years and currently serves on the association's Board of Directors. Carson is a Co-Founder of the Sam Villa Company and served as President since 2016.

The Sam Villa Co. was founded on the premise of elevating the industry through ongoing education and ergonomic styling tools for professionals. Early on, the company recognized the importance of an association that brings together beauty professionals and represents the industry's interests with a united voice for the profession and its members.

The company supports PBA's initiatives in many ways including fundraisers for the Disaster Relief program and amplifying PBA's messaging through Sam Villa's own voice whenever possible. The Sam Villa Company is relatively small compared to the big brands, but it is fully committed to using its platform and resources to support PBA and unite our industry!

CHAT Nature's Skin & Hair Co – Tuscaloosa, AL
PBA Member Organization since 2022

Keyani has loved hair since she was 12 years old. Fearing she wouldn't be successful in the Cosmetology Industry; she joined the Navy right out of high school but that didn't stop her passion for hair. After separating from the Navy, Keyani went on to obtain her Cosmetology license in 2005. She worked for years until one day a knee industry she sustained in boot camp started to affect her ability to stand for long periods of time. She then started to consider changing careers but staying in the industry.

Keyani followed a new path, attended school for Esthetics, and gained a love for product development. A few months later, she developed the recipes and formed a collection of skin & hair products.

Overall the desire to continue to serve, but now in her industry, lead Keyani to join PBA hoping to help make a difference for generations to come.

JASON YATES *Incumbent
John Paul Mitchell Systems Inc – Los Angeles, CA

PBA Member Organization since 1980

I began my career more than 30 years ago as a hairdresser in the UK, working my way up from salon apprentice and eventually managing director for a group of 22 salons.

In 2001 I joined Farouk Systems as an Artistic Director; I was there for 10 years I worked my way up through education into the role of VP of Sales and Marketing. In 2012, I joined JPMS as Vice President of Marketing, later expanding my leadership role to make me the first-ever Vice President of Sales and Marketing in the company's history. I was appointed President of JPMS™ and I oversee the company's global daily operations.

I am very proud to support and be a part of the PBA being a hairdresser and loving this industry I understand the importance of the PBA and I can use my network to help the cause.