Salon/Spa Candidates

Salon/Spa Candidates

Advisory Council voting is Now Open!

Each year, PBA Salon/Spa Members can elect two (2) members to the Advisory Council.

Each Advisory Council has six representatives, and the terms are for three years. Two of these representatives' terms will expire on August 31, 2023. The newly elected representatives will join their Council to represent the members-at-large of their membership section.

As set forth in the bylaws, the Advisory Council established a nominating committee to develop a slate of candidates for your consideration. Members were notified of the opportunity to be considered as a candidate for the Advisory Council via the PBA website, social media, and email communications. The Nominating Committee considered each applicant's experience and skillset and is confident the final candidates are highly qualified to be part of your Advisory Council.

Read the candidate bios below and click VOTE NOW to submit your votes. Choose TWO nominees from those listed below.

Votes must be submitted by May 15, 2023.


Refined Beauty – Naperville, IL
PBA Member Organization since 2023

Jennifer has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2002 and has navigated her career path through this industry in many facets, from behind the chair, to educating haircare companies to lead fashion shows and directing photo shoots.

Throughout her career, Jennifer understood the importance of having great mentors and giving back to others, leading her to educate at beauty schools, open a salon and start a podcast to educate and share inspiring stories. Even though she has accomplished much in her career, Jennifer acknowledges the importance of being curious and a student for life.

Her mission is to use her knowledge, passion, and experience to help elevate and inspire the beauty industry by creating opportunities and collaborating with others.


Headlines The Salon – Encinitas, CA 
PBA Member Organization since 2007

Gayle has been in this industry her whole life, seriously for 47 years. She started her career as a stylist and was fortunate to purchase Headlines The Salon in 1987. It has been an employee-based salon in California the entire time.

Headlines The Salon has been honored to be Salon Today's top 200 for 16 years. Gayle's love and her strengths are growing young talent from schools. Headlines currently employ 49 people.

Gayle was for 15 years, an educator for a brand and was able to travel and do Leadership seminars for salon owners. She also started up a Salon Owners network and lead at times 15 salon owners who each held their own chapter meetings.

Gayle was privileged to serve as AC Council for PBA 2017-2020 and really enjoyed listening to and giving advice during this time. Gayle feels it's a good time now to serve back with PBA and would love the opportunity to do it once again.


Salon27 – Mesa, AZ
PBA Member Organization since 2020

Amber has been a part of the salon industry for 17 years. Over that time she has had the opportunity to understand and participate in many aspects of the salon community.

Working for prestigious companies, being behind the chair, educating, as well as owning Salon27 for over 7 years. She has incredible respect for all areas of industry and is deeply passionate about bringing elevation, connectivity, and growth.

Amber’s drive and enthusiasm are strengths that she hopes can benefit the PBA and its members to serve and support in any way she can. Passion, excellence, service, and dependability are her driving values.

With the success and accomplishments of Salon27 Amber will take her knowledge sharing and inspiring others with unmatched energy to achieve greater success for all members of our industry.

Allure Beauty Bar – Grand Junction, CO
PBA Member Organization since 2017

Bobbi has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. She’s been a salon owner for the last five and has made it a goal to create sustainable careers for salon professionals. Her salon company has seen unprecedented growth year over year because of her dedication to our industry professionals. Her vision is to grow leaders, encourage wealth building, and raise the bar of professionalism for the beauty industry.

She’s been a beauty industry educator for over 10 years and works to bring finance and business education to salon owners and their teams.

She is passionate about advocating for salon professionals to be taken seriously and treated like the experts they are. Fair pricing, balanced work schedules, client boundaries, and industry recognition are just a few of the things she is always working on to make a difference and create innovative industry standards.

Her goal is to represent all industry professionals through her work with the PBA and continue growing our industry for future generations.