Professional Beauty Association Hosts Sold Out California Compliance Symposium

Professional Beauty Association Hosts Sold Out California Compliance Symposium

February 5, 2020


Long Beach, CA  (February 5, 2020) – The Professional Beauty Association (PBA), the largest and most inclusive national trade organization representing manufacturers, distributors, salon and spa business owners, and licensed beauty professionals, hosted the California Compliance Symposium at the International Salon and Spa Expo. 

The California Compliance Symposium was designed to help salon business owners understand California labor and wage laws. The in-depth one-day conference highlighted critical business industry issues including:

  • Legal forms of compensation in an employee-based establishment
  • How to create a compliant booth rental establishment
  • The differences between hourly, piece rate (AB1513), and commission (SB490) forms of pay
  • The ABC test resulting from the Dynamex case
  • Employee classification
  • State payroll taxes
  • Assembly Bill 5 and the potential impact the legislation will have on the salon industry

The Professional Beauty Association’s Government Affairs Director Myra Reddy shares why this symposium is so relevant and meaningful in the industry today: “The sold-out California Compliance Symposium brought together different business owners--some employment based, other booth rental--all together in one place for an educational, informational one day event. Speakers from a variety of state agencies shared the most up-to-date information regarding California labor and wage law, and salon compliance.”

Additional event questions can be directed to Myra Reddy, Government Affairs Director at Professional Beauty Association, or Erin Walter, Brand Manager at Professional Beauty Association,

Photography from 2020 California Symposium:


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