PBA Members Claim Event Tickets
PBA members enjoy complimentary tickets to a number of industry events.
Ticket benefits vary depending on the type of membership you hold.

Claim Event Tickets

To claim your FREE Tickets for an event follow these easy steps:

  • PBA membership must be active on the date(s) of the event to receive complimentary ticket(s).
  • Grab your PBA member number. (Don't know your membership section or number?
    Call the PBA Membership Team at 800.468.2274, we're here to help!)
  • Visit the website of the particular event you want to attend
  • Click the link to purchase tickets
  • Proceed to the PBA Member Registration page
  • Input your PBA Member Number and your tickets will be processed for FREE plus you will save money on any paid education classes at all PBA Signature Events

Beauty Professionals / NCA

PBA Beauty Professional/NCA members enjoy one *FREE ticket to these annual industry events:

Salon / Spa

Salon/Spa Members enjoy FREE* tickets to these annual industry events:

Manufacturer / Distributor / Associates

Manufacturer, Distributor and Associate Members receive several exhibiting benefits:

  • Ability to exhibit at ISSE Long Beach and Cosmoprof North America
  • 300 lbs. of free drayage
  • Small packages up to 50lb @ $5 per carton
  • 10% discount on GES Installation and De-installation Labor
  • PBA Member Tile to display in booth
  • VIP "Empties"" Carton Storage Area (CPNA Only)

Plus, Manufacturer, Distributor and Associate Members also receive: