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Create your Canvas Me portfolio

PBA’s premiere student program, Beacon, is officially accepting applications for its next class of elite cosmetology students. The application process for Beacon is meant to resemble the process one would go through when applying for a job or professional opportunity, so we’ve compiled a list of some quick tips and videos on how to effectively complete each section of the application. First up, your resume!

We are excited to share that this year, you’ll create your resume on Using Canvas Me gives you a unique opportunity to create a beautiful digital resume, start to browse job openings, apply for jobs and connect with beauty pros all around the world! After you create your canvas, you can save a PDF copy to upload to your online Beacon application.

Here are some tips! Your resume should highlight your most impressive academic and professional experiences. Potential employers should be able to get a good snapshot of your accomplishments up until that point and see how you can fit into their company and what skills you bring to the table.

All resumes should contain a few key pieces of information, including:

  • Contact information: make sure you add your name, email, phone number, and handles of social media portfolios. Be sure to use your full first and last name, this is where you want to be as professional as possible.
  • Summary of professional goals: Narrow down your professional goals in a couple of sentences. This will help employers see if your goals align with theirs.
  • Education history: Include the schools and programs you attended, in chronological order. Make sure to also share your achievements, awards, extracurriculars, and a summary of what you learned! Hiring managers want to see how you involved yourself in your school community.
  • Professional experience: Consider how your past work experiences fit in with the job you’re applying for. If you haven’t had a job yet, that’s okay! Share your strengths, skills and interests, like volunteering in your community or creative projects.
  • Other recommendations: Consider adding your school attendance records, sales or rebooking information to show your amazing track record. If you studied abroad, make sure you include that too!

Working in the beauty industry allows you a bit more creative freedom when it comes to your resume. Consider adding a personal touch, look at fonts, colors, and fun icons! Before sending your resume anywhere always proofread to make sure there are no typos and that everything written makes sense.

Once you’ve finished your resume, it’s time to move on to your Letter of Recommendation!