Beacon Student Program | An Elite Program for Students


An elite Program for Students

PBA's Beacon is an elite program for students that provides top beauty school students an opportunity to be mentored by leading industry influencers, and create connections with owners from the most prestigious salons across the US.

Designed to inspire and prepare students for a successful career, the Beacon program accepts a limited number of applicants each year. 

Learn how you can be part of this career-changing experience that kicks off in Long Beach, CA in January 2022!



Why you should Apply

Connect with Mentors

At Beacon, you'll connect with some of our industry's top experts, salon and spa owners, and influencers.

Be Inspired

As a Beacon student, you will be a VIP guest at the International Salon + Spa Expo in Long Beach and attend the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA).

Professional Guidance

Meet and network with the most influential professionals in the industry to help inspire and prepare you for your new career.

Elevate Your Career

Beacon students gain national recognition and access to a network of thousands of top salons across the U.S.


School Administrators

Help your students find their path to success! Learn how your students can be part of this career-changing experience that kicks off in Long Beach, CA in January 2022!

Administrator Resources


Beacon alum, Fallyn Mireault gives the rundown on how to apply for Beacon!


  1. Find Out if You are Eligible
  2. Cosmetology, barber, esthetics and nail students who are enrolled in an accredited program as of July 7, 2021 are eligible. Recent graduates are also eligible if they were enrolled between July 7, 2021 to November 1, 2021.

  3. Create Your Canvas Me Profile
  4. Your portfolio and digital resume is the first impression for prospective employers. It should highlight your skill, experience, and showcase what sets you apart.

  5. Get a Letter of Recommendation
  6. Let those who know you brag a little! Ask an instructor or employer to tell us what makes you great.

  7. Build and Share Your Instagram Account
  8. Your social portfolio is essential to showing employers and clients your skills and expertise.

  9. Create a Video Introduction
  10. We want to get to know you! Bring to life your excitement for Beacon 2022, introduce yourself, and let us know why you need part of the Beacon class of 2022.

  11. Submit Your Application and Entry Fee
  12. Entry opens July 7, 2021 and your application must be submitted by November 1, 2021.

  13. Tell everyone you applied to Beacon 2022!
  14. Download graphics to let everyone know you applied to Beacon! Be sure to tag #Beacon2022!


Career conversations

Join us for weekly webinars to hear first hand experiences from Beacon Alumni and industry experts, to learn how Beacon can ignite your career career in beauty!

meet the BEACON CLASS of 2021

The newest class of the best and brightest students in the beauty industry is here! Meet the talented students who get the once in a lifetime to learn from top industry experts, salon owner and influencers. Congratulations to the Beacon Class of 2021!


THE BEACON 2021 experience

For the health and safety of our attendees and staff, Beacon 2021 will transition into a digital program. 

With this digital format, we are excited to announce new and amazing opportunities for this special class of 2021! 

The digital format gives us the opportunity to spend even more time with the class of 2021 and they will get to experience an entire year of monthly classes. They’ll be paired into smaller groups with other students led by a peer mentor (Beacon graduate) to form relationships, talk about what they’re learning, lean on each other, and more! 

We are working on the speaker lineup, but to name a few we have confirmed: Elizabeth Faye, John Mosley, Ammon Carver, Geno Stampora, Nikki Le, Stephen Gomez - and MORE to be announced!

The Beacon Class of 2021 will also receive tickets to the ISSE Digital Experience March 14-16 – for an added opportunity to take advantage of live education, on-demand classes. and interact with brands!

When we can get together again in person at ISSE 2022 – the Class of 2021 will be invited to experience a special a graduation event and attend ISSE and NAHA.
Beacon was an amazing life changing experience for me! Everything went wrong in the days & weeks prior to me going, it was like something was trying to keep me from being there.... I am so glad I didn’t give up & made it! I may not have had but $50 to my name but I left there extremely wealthy! I hope to return as an alumni!

PBA Student Membership Has Its Perks!

Join the PBA community for access to career building resources and education, discounts to major industry events, free magazine subscriptions, product and service discounts and so much more! 

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