CA Virtual Symposium

During the 2nd annual CA Compliance Symposium we broke down the latest updates and changes in California legislation with our industry experts. The recording of this virtual session is coming soon!

Topics & Issues

This one-day comprehensive educational symposium will review and discuss California labor and wage law, employee classification, business compliance, and a state legislative update. The format of this virtual event will include presentations from multiple speakers followed by an open discussion. Power point presentations and materials will be provided to attendees following the event. 

  • Legal forms of compensation in an employee-based establishment
  • Compliant booth rental establishment
  • The difference between hourly, piece rate (AB1513), and commission (SB490) forms of pay
  • New updates regarding AB5 and the ABC test resulting from the Dynamex case
  • Occupational licensing updates
  • Employee classification
  • IRS updates and information
  • Post COVID pandemic compliance
  • Workplace health and safety within the salon
  • Qualifications and the availability of business loans and grants 



April McDaniel - Kopsa Otte

Kopsa Otte has been referred to as “the only CPA Firm that specializes in Salons and Spas.” As a CPA with a wide variety of experience including financial analysis, taxation, HR, pensions and leases April can help clients in multiple ways. She understands the financial and management challenges our industry faces. Utilizing this specialized knowledge, she’s able to serve as a national consultant & educator to salons and spas. Her ability to take difficult topics and make them easy to understand has made her a very popular speaker.

Branden Butler - Department of Fair Employment and Housing

Branden Butler is the Assistant Deputy Director of Education and Outreach for the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). Prior to joining DFEH, Branden was the Senior Attorney of the Fair Housing Center of the Legal Aid Society of San Diego, Inc. (LASSD), where for nine years he was instrumental in creating the first fair housing services program at LASSD that provides education, outreach, testing, and enforcement of fair housing laws.

Branden began his career as a Housing Advocate at Communities Actively Living Independent and Free, a disability rights organization in downtown Los Angeles where he advocated for housing rights for persons with disabilities.  Branden is a native Californian and graduated cum laude from Thomas Jefferson School of Law and received the Charles T. Bumer Civil Libertarian Award. Branden earned his B.A. graduating magna cum laude from California State University, Chico.

Karie Bennett

Karie Bennett - Salon Atelier

Karie became a hairstylist at age 3 when she cut her own bangs.  Fast forward to today: She’s been a California-based Cosmetologist for over 35 years, and a multi-location salon owner for over 2o.  Her employment-based Atelier Salons are located in San Jose, California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley.  Karie has been a part of the Aveda tribe since 1985, still sees clients in the salon two days a week and was recently re-elected for a second term to the Professional Beauty Association's Salon/Spa Advisory Council.  A recent career highlight was to represent the PBA on Capitol Hill in DC to lobby for FICA tip tax reform, helping to protect the industry she loves.

Kristen Deazeley - IRS Communications & Liaison Division

Kristen Deazeley is a Public Affairs Specialist in the Tax Outreach, Partnership and Education office of the Internal Revenue Service Communications & Liaison Division. She works with employers, industry and trade associations and has regularly presented on behalf of IRS at tax practitioner and industry virtual and face to face events. Kristen joined the IRS in 2004 as a Revenue Agent where she performed examinations of sole proprietorships, C corporations and flow through entities. She has also held assignments as a Stakeholder Liaison, Taxpayer Advocate Service Group Manager and performed details with the National Research Program.

Kristy Underwood  (BBC)

Kristy Underwood - California Board of Barbering & Cosmetology

Kristy Underwood was appointed to the position of Executive Officer of the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology on August 10, 2005. As Executive Officer, Kristy oversees one of the largest barbering and cosmetology regulatory boards in the country with 104 employees and a budget of over $19 million.

Since her appointment, Kristy has made it a goal to provide education to consumers and licensees on the dangers that face consumers while receiving barbering, cosmetology and electrology services. In Kristy's efforts to protect consumers she implemented new regulation for the cleaning and disinfecting of whirlpool footspas and legislation that takes disciplinary action against a licensee where a whirlpool footspa is found to be an imminent risk to consumer safety.

Von A. Boyenger - Sr Deputy Labor Commissioner

Von is a Senior Deputy Labor Commissioner for The State of California and has over 30 years of experience in the area of Administrative Hearings and Claims Management.  Von is also the liaison for LCO/EDD seminars/webinars (statewide).  Von has been a past President/CEO for Employer’s Advantage, Inc. a national UI Management Claims Service.  Vons experience includes having represented Fortune 500 Companies in a multitude of labor related matters.  Von also has over 25 years of Executive Human Resource experience specializing in the area of Situational HR.


Help Us Save Our Salons

November 20, 2020

As the time nears for the 116th Congress to come to an end, it has become clear that it is more important than ever to work together to get the FICA Tax Tip Credit included in COVID relief stimulus legislation. The beauty industry needs every voice speaking up to ensure there are Members of Congress that will advocate for this targeted relief!

The beauty industry has exceeded expectations by modifying the salon environment and creating new policies for both employee and client safety. Yet, with COVID cases on the rise, beauty professionals are not immune to state closures. Much relief is needed, including an expansion of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), PPE credits, and a retroactive application of the 45B FICA Tax Tip Credit (H.R. 1349/S. 2634). We are asking Congress to pass a COVID relief bill that will address these issues and more, including the inevitable housing crisis and unemployment benefits.

To understand how the 45B FICA Tax Tip Credit could help salon employers now, it’s important to know an employer and employee each pay a 7.65% payroll tax to cover the Federal Insurance Contributions Act - FICA contribution which is comprised of both social security and Medicare tax. While the employee receives credits toward these benefits as these contributions are paid to the federal government, the employer does not. The 45B FICA Tax Tip Credit allows employers to claim a credit for their portion of the 7.65% of taxes paid only on employee tips. The employer will still pay into their portion of the contribution, and the employee still receives full credit for their FICA taxes, however this legislation will then provide the employer a credit on their portion paid on tips. 

The employer does not gain any revenue from tips and Congress has already recognized that employers should not be responsible for taxes on tips, by extending this credit to the restaurant industry decades ago. The FICA Tax Tip Credit does not harm or impact the employee in any way. 

Access to a reimbursement of employer taxes paid on tips could provide immediate liquidity for salon owners that need funding now to stay open and keep their employees.  

Prior to the pandemic, the Professional Beauty Association’s National Industry Profile reported that 83 percent of salon businesses had fewer than 10 employees. Sixty percent of these businesses are owned by women which is three times higher than the overall economy.  Fourtneen percent of those in the industry are African American – three in ten barbers are African American. Twenty-two percent of professionals are Asian, and seventeen percent are Latino. Overall, 84 percent of licensed beauty professionals in the industry are women.  

As women and minorities continue to be disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic fall-out that has accompanied it, and the beauty industry has been hit harder than any other industry, there is no question targeted relief is needed. You can help by participating in our outreach campaigns to your Members of Congress. Visit probeauty.org/fica to contact your representative, share the campaign with your social networks, and take it a step further by sending a personal email or asking for a follow-up call. Need help getting more involved? Email PBA’s Advocacy Program Manager, Kati Rapoza kati@probeauty.org 

Your voice makes a difference! Together we can speak for the industry. 

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