Best Practices Guide



Your Company Profile is your chance to create a unique expression of your brand for the ISSE Digital Experience. Upload additional media to curate a unique experience that will draw your customers out to shop from you throughout the show.

At the bottom of your Company Profile, you can add brand or product images, like grouped collections or lifestyle shots. These images can be any size and are displayed in a photo gallery. They are just for visual browsing and are not linked to anything.

Add a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video that will display at the top of your Company Profile. This video will play directly within the platform, so customers don't have to leave to watch. If you don't have an existing video, you can film a quick video introduction of yourself, your products or your process and post it to YouTube for use here. Note that you must include the full link to your video, rather than a shortened link or embed code in order for this to work.

Use Brochures to upload PDFs or link to URLs to provide free downloads, like coupons, printable or how-to guides. You will be able to upload 3 PDFs or link to 1 URL. Customize the display name and thumbnail so that shoppers know what they are downloading.

Image Widgets
Use this feature to display clickable images across the bottom of your profile. Use this to link out to blog posts, media coverage and more! Sizing for images depends on the number you intend to display. Minimum image sizing (w x h) below.

  • 1 image: 1120px * 840px 
  • 2 images: 550px * 420px
  • 3 images: 360px * 270px
  • 4 images: 265px * 200px


You can rearrange the products displayed on your Showroom and Company Profile. Go to Content > Showroom and click "Change Display Order".

Change Product Order 1_350x600Change Product Order 2_350x600

Personal Profile

Complete your Personal Profile. You can also add additional profiles for other team members you want to interact with attendees. Add roles and contact info for each, so attendees know who to reach out to with questions. Be sure to include profile photos (200 x 200 pixels) for every contact so attendees can see the faces behind your company and in your showroom!
NOTE: Any personal information entered here will be shared in your Personal Profile publicly.

Additional Contacts
Add additional contacts to showcase the other members of your team by editing your Company Profile page and scrolling to the bottom to Contacts.

Click Add Contact and fill out the required information, including a headshot and contact details. Once saved, this user will appear under Contacts on your Company Profile page.


Create a clickable catalogue to promote your products and encourage sales using grouped or lifestyle shots. Before setting up your Lookbook, please make sure that the products you want to feature are already uploaded to your Showroom.

To start, head to Content and click on Lookbook

Lookbook 1_350x600

Fill out these basic fields to create a cover for your Lookbook:

  • Cover Image: Create a thumbnail that will show up on your Company Profile page and lead visitors to your Lookbook. Optimal Size: 1040 x 320, Minimum Size: 700 x 290
  • Title: Max 40 characters
  • Subtitle: Max 25 characters
  • Description: Max 250 characters
  • Lookbook Visibility: Set the drop-down options to Public so that everyone can see it.

Lookbook 2_350x600

Click Save once you are done.

Now you are ready to upload the clickable image. Click Add Image and you should see the below screen pop up. Follow the instructions to upload your clickable image.

  • Landscape Optimal Image Size: 2560 x 1536 px
  • Portait Oprtimal Image Size: 1536 x 2560 px

Once your image is uploaded, use the trace tool to draw the clickable area on your image.

Then, you can link it to the corresponding products in your store. Under Linked Products, type in the name of the product you want to link to and select it to add. Remember, in order for this work, you should already have uploaded the products to your store. Continue this process until all the images you want to link are completed.

Press Save to complete your Lookbook. You can always edit your Lookbook by simply navigating to Content > Lookbook and clicking on the gear icon to make changes.

Lookbook 3_350x600



Use Collections to create groups of products by type, use or line of of your choosing. Customers will also be able to filter by Collections when viewing your Showroom.

To add a Collection go to Showroom > Collections. 

Click Add Collection and fill out the fields. Most fields are not required, so please only fill in those applicable to your collection.

Collections 1_350x600

Once your Collection has been created, you will be able to add individual products to it by editing the listing and selecting the appropriate one from the Collections drop down.

Once you have added all of your products to your Collection, you can return to the Collections tab and click Preview Collection to get a link to your Collection that you can share on social, in your newsletter and more!

Collections 2_350x600

Customers can filter items in your Showroom by Collections to find exactly what they are looking for.

Collections 3_350x600


Registered users will be able to send messages to vendors within the platform, using the messaging tool. A Message button will appear on your Company Profile, Showroom and individual product pages, making it easy for shoppers to reach out to learn more.

Make sure to set your email notifications so that you know when a customer has reached out to you on the platform. You can adjust this setting in finer detail later under My Account > Email Notifications from the Account drop down menu in the top right corner. Access your messages by clicking the speech bubble in the top right corner and manage messages through your inbox.

Meeting Requests

Meeting Requests are a great way to try and re-create the face-to-face experience of these show! Set your Calendar availability so that customers can book appointments with you throughout the show. And make sure you are set up on a virtual communications platform, like Zoom, so you can input it during your calendar set up and have it included in your booking communications.  Don’t have Zoom? Create an account here.

Setting Up Your Calendar
Click on the calendar icon, in the upper right-hand corner and select the Calendar heading. This is where you will see all of your booked meetings.

  • Availability: Identify what times you are available each day. Please note that if your schedule changes from week to week, you will need to update these settings accordingly. Not available at all? Set your start and end time to the same time to block off availability for specific days.
  • Meeting Duration: Determine the length of time you want your meetings to be, whether it is 15, 30, 45 or 60-minutes.
  • Conference Link: Plug in your Zoom link so that shoppers know how to connect with you when their meeting time comes. Prefer to communication on the phone? Add your phone number in this field instead.
  • Then, save your settings and you are all set!

Meeting Requests 2_350x600