Best Practices Guide

Quick Start Guide

What You Need to Get Started

You will receive an email, like the one below. The email will be titled "Welcome to the ISSE Digital Experience" and be from "The ISSE Digital Experience <isse@probeauty.org>". This email will include your login link where you can set a password for your ISSE Digital Experience account.

Not seeing this email? Be sure to check your “promotions” tab and spam folder as well!

Exhibitor Welcome Email_350x600

The first time you login, you will want to have your graphics ready and your admins to add. 

To get started, you want to have a hero image (2000x430px), logo (200x200px) and profile image(200x200px). You can add more imagery later in the process as well when editing your Company Profile.

Activating Your Account 

  1. Click Set Password and you will be directed to a screen to begin your Account set up.
  2. Set your password and agree to the Terms of Service to log in.
  3. You will be prompted to set your Notifications settings. We recommend that you agree to receive email notifications, so that you are alerted when a customer reaches out through the platform. You can adjust this setting in finer detail later under My Account > Email Notifications.

Once your Account is created, the Profile Wizard will walk you through four steps to create your basic Company Profile. Please make sure to fill out all applicable fields and double check any pre-populated information.

Privacy & Notification Terms 1-350x600

Profile Wizard 2_350x600

Profile Wizard 3_350x600

Profile Wizard 4._350x600

Profile Wizard 5_350x600

Profile Wizard 6_350x600

Once your account is active, your Company Profile will appear in the Brand directory with a default logo, so we recommend that you start updating yours as soon as possible. Starting now will also allow you to get comfortable in our new space and make the most of all that the ISSE Digital Experience has to offer.

Once you have completed the Profile Wizard, you will be prompted to upload products to your Showroom, complete your Company Profile, and fill in your Personal Profile.

Adding Admin Users

Be prepared with the admins you want to add to help set-up your Company Profile. Include photos, contact info and roles for each, so that visitors know who to reach out to when they have questions. 

Go to Company Admin and select Add User (shown below).

Adding Admins 1_350x600

There are (3) different roles that you can select from when setting up a new user:

  • Admin - All Access
  • Standard User - Non-admin role. Restricted from some pages. Can only see own orders.
  • Standard User with Data Visibility - Non-admin role. Restricted from some pages. Can see all seller’s orders.

Adding Admins 3_350x600

Adding Admins 4_350x600

Users that are added as Contacts when editing the Company Profile will be those that are available to be contacted during the show.

Go to Content > select Profile > select Edit and scroll to the bottom where the contact section is located and either add existing users or create new users in this area as well.

Adding Contacts 1_350x600

Adding Contacts 2_350x600

Adding Contacts 3_350x600

Adding Contacts 4_350x600


With the ISSE Digital Experience, you can build your following, showcase your products, engage with customers and create the lasting connections that will strengthen your business in the year ahead.

Your Company Profile acts as your virtual booth and home base for the ISSE Digital Experience. Use this space to tell your story, upload videos, share content, link to social and connect and engage with customers. Create touchpoints--like videos, newsletter sign ups and Meeting Requests that will recreate the show experience and drive sales to your Showroom. Ensure that your Company Profile is visually interesting to capture the attention of visiting shoppers and encourage them to get to know you better!

Company Profile
Your Company Profile will come populated with some basic company information. Make sure to double check that it is correct and fill in any missing details. In addition to your basic company information, we recommend you complete these basic elements of your Company Profile:

  • Logo (200 x 200 px) This will be your identifier in the Brand directory and your Company Profile. This image should be square, 200 x 200 pixels, and in jpg format.
  • Company Description Tell visiting shoppers a bit about who you are and what you do. Make sure to include relevant keywords and easy brand identifiers in your description to help you rank higher in the site's search results.
  • Cover Photo/Hero Banner (Minimum: 2000 x 270 px, Maximum: 2000 x 430 px) This is the banner that runs across the top of your Company Profile. Choose an image that creatively reflects your brand, products or overall vibe. Think about what image will best display in this horizontal format. If you plan to include text or a logo, be sure to place it in the middle (no larger than 369 x 96 pixels) to ensure optimal viewing on mobile.


E-Commerce Policy
Think of your ISSE Digital Experience Showroom like an extension of your e-commerce site, as you will download your orders from this event and upload them into your e-com system for shipping and fulfillment. You’ll want to provide shoppers any specific policies, like returns and exchanges, shipping timelines, where you ship to, etc., that you want them to know. These types of specifications can be done when uploading your products.


Your company won't have a presence in the Digital Experience without a Showroom. Showroom Management is packed with features. To start setting up your showroom, go to "Content" on the top navigation menu, select "Showroom" in the drop down and click the "edit" button to complete the following essential actions:

  • Upload Products
    Under Content menu, and click on Showroom > Add Product.  This is the process to add a single product. Follow the instructions to fill in all product attributes and click on Save. If you're not ready to publish the product yet, click on Save. If ready to publish the product, click on Save & Publish.

    Adding a single product works well when you have a small number of products or you just want to quickly try out the features. If you have a catalog-full of products, we highly recommend that you master the bulk upload process which will make the task so much faster and easier. On the Showroom > Products page, click on the Import Products button, and follow the steps and instructions (including downloadable user guides) on that page.



  • Edit Showroom Settings
    Showroom Settings contains various settings related to your wholesale terms and policy, Product Q&A, Shipping rates & currency set up.

  • Publish Showroom
    As long as one product in your showroom is published, your showroom is visible in the marketplace, and is linked on your Company Profile page. You can individually publish product by checking "Publish on Save" on the Add Product page, checking "Publish on Import" on the Import page, or select multiple products on "Showroom > Products" and select "Publish" from the "More Actions" drop-down menu.