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PBA Partners with HairToStay

As beauty professionals, we know better than anyone how important our hair is to our identity, and how traumatic and devastating it is to learn a client is going through chemotherapy when they ask us to do a ‘chemo cut’. Thanks to revolutionary scalp cooling treatment, hair loss due to chemo is no longer inevitable! The treatment is expensive and not covered by most insurance so it can be out of reach for many. That’s where HairToStay comes in.

The PBA has partnered with HairToStay, the first and only national nonprofit dedicated to increasing access to scalp cooling by providing financial assistance to low- to middle-income cancer patients.

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The Sydney Berry Fund

In 2022, HairToStay presented Sydney with the Cooler Heads Prevail Award for her scalp-cooling advocacy and invited members of our industry to join them in sponsoring this award. The funds raised for the award were used to create The Sydney Berry PBA Fund within HairToStay, which is used to subsidize individuals employed directly or as independent contractors in the haircare and beauty industries.

Sydney has been a cancer warrior for over 30 years and an industry leader for more than 50 years. She knows all too well the impact of losing her hair during her fight to survive and has been a passionate and invaluable contributor to HairToStay’s efforts.

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Your Support Matters

You can support our fellow beauty professionals by donating to the fund, or getting your salon involved in fundraising! Help us put an end to ‘chemo cuts’!

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