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Build your Barbering Business @ ISSE 2022

June 21, 2022

Events @ PBA

Babers, these classes are tailor-made for you! Catch these classes and events to learn key skills, be inspired, and market your own barbering business. Want to show off your skills? Read about the ISSE Hot Hands Barber Brawl!

1. Culture Shock – Barbering in Every Way with Popular Nobody Collective

Take away the FEAR of cutting short hair. The culture behind barbering has been the key ingredient to the success of the industry.

With the elevation of short hair, we will show you barbering in every way. Prepare yourself to walk away from this class knowing failure was never an option.

Attend the class on Sun, June 26 10:00 AM FREE with your ticket!



2. How to Stand Out on Social Media with Alfonso Valcarcel-Cruz of Tomb 45

Have trouble growing your audience?

Join us to help understand algorithms and how to reach more people using more creative and unique strategies to grow your reach.


Attend the class on Sun, June 26 4:15 PM FREE with your ticket!


3. Finding Success with Men’s Grooming with Cloak & Dagger

Founder Larry Curtis and the award-winning Cloak and Dagger team of Rodrick Samuels, Earl Sagewolf, and Trevor Moots will demo the latest trends in Men’s haircare, and discuss style, structure, and success in this inspirational class aimed at assisting you in taking your Men’s grooming skills to a whole new level.


Attend the class on Sat, Jun 25 11:30 AM & Sun, Jun 26 3:00 PM FREE with your ticket!


4. Building the Business You Want with John Mosley & Sean Casey

Now is the time to take control of your brand and get all out of it that you want.

You'll learn branding, marketing and most importantly how to build a growing culture with a happy, creative environment for not just you but your team as well.


Attend the class on Sat, Jun 25 11:30 AM FREE with your ticket!


5. Clipper Cut Like a Pro with Wanza Poole & Craig Skilz McLaurin

Learn iconic skills that will help you achieve graduation/fades from long to very short styles. We’ll cover concepts, and equipment and jump into hands-on work to help you accomplish at least 3 different methods. Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Class duration: 3 hours Tools required: Detachable clippers and any guards you may have for them. Guards 000, 1, 1A, 2 (any other you may possess) Combs (Small, Med, and Large)

Attend the class on Sun, Jun 25 2:00 PM. $195 PBA Member, $245 Regular.


6. Hot Hands Barber Brawl

The Hot Hands Barber Brawl is back at ISSE 2022! Compete and show your skills among the best in the industry in these categories:

- Best Rookie Student – 10:30am-11:15am
- Creative Cut – 11:45am-12:45pm
- Best Fade and Style with Beard – 1:15pm-2:05pm

Learn more!


View all education @ ISSE 2022


Join us in Long Beach, June 25 & 26, 2022. Register now and make the most of your ISSE 2022 experience.
2-day show tickets - Members $45 | Regular $95


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