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7 Ways to Stay Productive From Yene Damtew

April 2, 2020

Yene Damtew

From Yene Damtew (@yenedamtew on Instagram):

As of Wednesday, March 17th, I decided to close the doors of Aesthetics Salon to protect the health and safety of ourselves as well as the health and safety of our customers.

This decision was not easy, but I am trying to see this time of #selfquarantine as a blessing and use this time to work on perfecting my craft. Below are some things I am doing with my time that I thought might be helpful to share with my favorite hairstylists.

Here’s how I am spending my time right now:

1. I’m breaking out the sage and DETOXING the energy in my personal space. I plan to use this time to reset internally for the second time this quarter. This is a unique opportunity to realign and reset on our 2020 goals without any FOMO or competing priorities. Use this time to your advantage!

2. SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNING! I am using this time to create relevant content that I can use throughout the year. Record videos and create a step-by-step process of a specialty service that you offer at your salon. When it comes to content, I’m obsessed with staying ahead of the game so I am shooting photos at home, writing out captions and using PLANOLY to schedule/organize my future posts.

3. Two words: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. So many learning opportunities and courses are instantly accessible online 24 hours a day. Is there a class that you need to complete for your license renewal this year or an online braiding technique lesson that you can finish? It’s easy for your staff to get trained through virtual classes and webinars too. I am watching at least one hairstyling video a day on my favorite site: My Hairdresser. Pro-tip: Sign up for the free membership option ;)

4. ALL. HANDS. ON. DECK. I’m pulling out my mannequin heads and PRACTICING new techniques. Want to know a secret? I have been stalking Sharon Blaine’s Youtube channel for a long time. Take your practice to the next level via a team Google Hangout with your staff or your stylist accountability partner. Spend some time analyzing each other’s techniques and giving feedback. Remember: teamwork makes the dream work friends!

5. CONTRACT CHECK-IN! I am making a list and checking it twice to ensure all of my pricing and scheduling site information is up to date. This is the perfect time to review your contracts for bridal parties and editorial work. Be honest, are you adequately covering yourself and your company in your written contractual agreements?

6. UPDATING and ORGANIZING client cards. I am purging client cards for individuals that have moved away and individually reaching out to clients that I have not seen in a while. This is the perfect time to call/text/email your clients -- don't allow them to fall off of your radar.

7. ENJOYING this unexpected time to myself. As hairstylists, we are always giving to others, so I am practicing some self-love, self-care and me time.

Last Tip: Check-in on your fellow stylists and support one another.

Stay safe, healthy and kind.

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