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Make Your Instagram Beacon Ready

August 2, 2022

Education @ PBA

The PBA’s Beacon is an elite student program designed to assist cosmetology students in navigating their future career paths by matching them up with a select number of peers from across the country and connecting them with industry mentors, teachers, and influencers.

In today’s industry, your social media profile can be one of your most valuable business tools, so in order to apply for Beacon, you will need to make sure your profile is looking good!

All social media platforms can help you expand your business, but Instagram can really be where you show off your skills. It can allow you to interact with not only potential employers by allowing them to see what you can do but also can help you grow your client base.

We’ve put together a few tips for you on how to successfully set up your Instagram for your Beacon application:

  • Have a professional bio. Make sure that your bio includes your contact information, location, and a call-to-action (should your followers email you, book an appointment, etc.) Make sure your call-to-action includes a link as well!
  • Make sure you have at least 6 posts. Your posts should be engaging, reinforce your professional point of view/brand, and contain quality images, and a caption explaining why you’re sharing them!
    • A minimum of 3 (of the 6 total posts) must showcase your technical work. These images can be of mannequins, clients, friends, photoshoots, etc.
    • At least 1 (of the 6 total posts) must be a video post
    • All posts should include the use of hashtags that reinforce the purpose of the post, are helpful to consumers, add to searchability and contribute to your brand.

Lastly, make sure your account is public!


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