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Best Apps for Hairstylists to Boost Your Business

September 6, 2022

Beauty & Bodywork Insurance

As a hairstylist, you work your magic on hundreds of clients who walk through your doors. But between haircuts, there are tons of technical parts to running a salon or hairstyling business. To help you out, our team at Beauty & Bodywork Insurance has rounded up the 11 best apps for hairstylists. 

These hair stylist apps cover marketing, administration, and creativity. Here are the best apps for hairstylists to try today.

11 Hair Stylist Apps 

Marketing Hair Stylist Apps

First up, marketing apps for hairstylists. Why? Because you want clients coming through the door! There are many salon marketing strategies to build your business, and apps can help. 

Here are a few to check out:

1. Canva: Great for creating graphics, logos, and social media materials. Choose from thousands of templates to find something that fits your brand and style.

2. SnapSeed: A must-have video and photo editing app. It’ll help you share amazing client pictures online and via social media.

3. Instagram: The much-loved social media platform is a great place to promote your business, build a following, and network with other professionals.

Scheduling and Admin Hair Stylist Apps

Next, get organized. Salon scheduling software and hair stylist appointment apps can help you stay on top of the flow of work. 

Here are the best apps for hair stylists who need an administrative helping hand.

4. StyleSeat: Built specifically for the beauty industry, barber, and salon professionals, StyleSeat helps you with everything from scheduling and cancellations to marketing and payment. 

5. DaySmart Salon: This is another high-quality choice for effective salon scheduling software. DaySmart has features like client and reputation management, where you can solicit reviews and avoid complaints. 

6. Todoist: This is a great all-purpose app to manage your to-do list each day. It helps you stay organized and on top of all aspects of your business. 

7. Fresha: This salon scheduling software has a network of beauty and wellness destinations with over 25,000 stylists and professionals on the platform.

Creative Hair Stylist Apps

Part of why you became a hair stylist is for the freedom and creativity of it! Here are some of the best apps for hairstylists that will inspire and boost your creative skill. 

8. YouCam Makeup: This selfie app allows users to try out all different kinds of makeup as well as hair colors. 

9. Style My Hair: Developed by L'Oréal, this hair stylist app can show what different hair colors will look like. 

10. SalonCentric: This is one of the best salon apps because it’s a wholesale distributor of beauty and salon supplies—you can get everything here!—and it provides valuable tips and lessons. 

11. Pinterest: While not a specific hair stylist app, Pinterest will help you keep track of current trends and create vision or mood boards for your clients. 

These are 11 of the best apps for hairstylists that will keep you organized, inspired, and booked full with clients. 

Hair stylist apps can be fun and useful, but don’t let them distract you from other important parts of being a hairstylist, such as purchasing insurance. Hairstylists insurance can protect you and your salon from a liability claim and its financial impacts. It’s an essential piece of your business to keep you focused on what really matters—creating beautiful hairstyles for your customers! 

We hope these hair stylist apps help support your work. Let us know if we missed any, or which one you like best!


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