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CUT IT OUT® Trainers

As a trainer, we have you listed on our website for local salons, spas, and schools to contact you to schedule a one-hour complimentary training. We also encourage you to contact local salons, spa, and schools to offer the training and program materials.  The CUT IT OUT® training can be offered in person or online.

Also, we have recently updated CUT IT OUT® training materials, which are now available for your use. The training focuses on the three R's - Recognize, Respond and Refer.

CUT IT OUT® Trainer's Facilitator Guide

This guide goes through the steps of facilitating a successful CUT IT OUT® training. Please read this guide before conducting your next CUT IT OUT® training.

Get Your Guide

CUT IT OUT® Participant's Guide

This guide is an optional hand out for participants of live CUT IT OUT® trainings. You may print this for each attendee, or you may order free of charge.


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CUT IT OUT® Seminar Instruction Manual

These are the instructions for how to conduct the CUT IT OUT® training to beauty industry professionals. These are your trainer instructions for the training.


CUT IT OUT® PowerPoint

This is the corresponding PowerPoint presentation for the training. Images of the slides and instructions are included in your CUT IT OUT® Seminar Instruction Manual. This PowerPoint also includes two embedded videos. To play the videos, please click in the middle of the black box on the slide and allow approximately 10 seconds for the video to begin.


CUT IT OUT® Intro Slides

These are intro slides that can be playing prior to the education training as participants are getting settled.


CUT IT OUT® Trainer Toolkit Folder

This folder contains additional resources for you as a CUT IT OUT® Trainer, including sign in sheets, certificate, sample press releases, sample flier, and more.  Feel free to use and customize these pieces as needed.


Please remember to report your trainings online to us upon completion so that we can accurately track the reach of our program.  
If you are a CUT IT OUT® trainer in Illinois, please remember that there are additional steps you must take for the salon professional to receive CE credit.  A separate email will be sent to you with that information.  

Do you know of other domestic violence victim advocates interested in becoming CUT IT OUT® trainers? Have them apply now! ❯

No longer interested in being a CUT IT OUT® trainer?  Please email us to let us know.

On behalf of PBA Charities, thank you again for your support of CUT IT OUT® and our efforts to fight the epidemic of domestic abuse in the United States.

If you have any questions regarding CUT IT OUT® or the education seminar, please contact Rachel at or 480.455.3453.