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5 tips for maximizing a small space

Many salons struggle with the issue of space. Finding the balance between how to maximize it while creating a compelling atmosphere for guests, that’s also functionally efficient for staff, can be a challenge. Michelle Tang, Founding Partner of Freestyle Systems, offers these tips to help salons make the most of their space.


Think Vertical – Capitalize on the under-utilized areas between the tops of furniture and the ceiling with hanging or high-mounted elements, like the Freestylist which suspends blow dryers from the ceiling to save space and eliminate cords. Taking light elements, shelving and cabinets all the way up to the ceiling helps make a room feel larger and regains floor space and adds storage. Hanging artwork and mirrors as high as possible also gives the illusion of a tall ceiling.

Materials – Opt for reflective elements such as lucite, white lacquer and glossy tiles. The high shine surfaces act as mirrors reflecting light to help make spaces look more open.

Furnishing – Use fewer larger pieces instead of many smaller ones which can look cluttered and make a room look smaller. Larger pieces can also help hide unsightly elements of a room (radiator, cable box etc.). Try not to push furniture up against the walls, creating space behind it helps make a room look wider than it is.

Lighting – Good lighting makes or breaks a room and can add warmth and brightness to small and/or cramped areas. Freestyle Systems light platforms have SpectraLights, the first full spectrum Kelvin lights designed specifically for salons, and are ideal for open ceilings. They are available in custom finishes to complement any salon design as a dramatic accent or a sleek “barely there” look.

Edit – Nothing makes a room feel smaller than clutter. Get creative with storage so everything can be hidden away. Eliminate unsightly cords, clear station surfaces, keep the back bar area tidy and make sure the retail area is designed so it’s beautiful to look at.

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About Freestyle Systems:

Freestyle Systems is the world’s only provider of weightless, patented, health-conscious blow drying solutions for salons and spas. Their products elevate décor, aesthetics and function, as well as provide health-first solutions to problems that can threaten stylists’ careers and impact the air quality in the salon. The Freestylist Support System is the world’s first and only weightless blow drying system available with a vented platform to remove harmful air particles. Thousands of stylists rely on it to reduce repetitive stress injuries, eliminate cord tangles and optimize blow drying efficiency for longer healthier careers. See it in action! Available now with a vented platform featuring a quiet 250 CFM fan to purify air and expel chemicals, allergens and odors from services such as color, perms and keratin treatments. Learn more on, YouTube @Freestyle Systems, Facebook @FreestyleSystems and Instagram @FreestyleSystems.

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