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Get the most out of your Business Membership

This membership will give you key resources to elevate your business and exposure to beauty professionals across the country.

Starting at $500/YEAR

Supporting Our Industry

A PBA membership is more than just benefits. You’re also supporting and protecting our industry by empowering us to advocate on behalf of beauty professionals by taking action against deregulation bills, fighting to give salon owners access to the federal FICA tax tip legislation, and more.

Target Your Market

Get your brand, business, or product in front of PBA’s 500,000+ database of beauty professionals across the country. We right-size your marketing plans to ensure you are targeting the audience that would most benefit from your business. Increase your brand exposure and gain returns! Marketing opportunities include:

  • Social, web, and email
  • Education classes sponsored by your brand
  • Business Professional Event sponsorship opportunities
Beauty Industry Data

We gather the most vital and current information from across the country to get you meaningful data. This data can be used to position your business plans in the most efficient direction. Get access to our resource library which includes:

  • The latest marketing and industry reports
  • Government and law updates that will affect your business
  • Data from PBA partners such as Kline and Qnity
Professional Development

Gain access to online education and professional development opportunities designed to help you and your team enhance connection and growth.

Even More Perks

We know it takes a lot to run and grow a business! We put together even more perks for you so you can focus on the bigger picture while we give you the tools to strengthen your business structure such as:

  • Guides for compensation, HR operations, and business blueprints
  • Inclusion in government advocacy initiatives to elevate the beauty industry
  • First claim to sponsorship and advertising opportunities

Get the most out of your Business Membership

Professional Beauty Association is THE organization for beauty professionals across the country. Providing tools and resources to ELEVATE, UNITE and SERVE the industry and the professionals who improve people’s lives. Questions on member discounts? Contact our membership team at membership@probeauty.org or 480.455.3460.

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