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  • The Influence of Beacon

    September 8, 2020
    Find out how Beacon helped change Alexia Prisbrey's life and don't forget to apply to Beacon today!
  • PBA Executive Summit: Part 1 Recap

    September 3, 2020
    Check out this recap of Executive Summit 2020: Part One and don't forget to sign up for Part Two happening on October 7!
  • What Does it Take to Judge NAHA?

    September 1, 2020
    Have you ever wanted to be a NAHA judge? Find out more about what it takes and how to apply!
  • You Worked For It, You Earned It

    August 25, 2020 | Kati
    It's time to start speaking out in favor of licensing and education in the beauty industry, find out how!
  • S.T.E.P. Up With PRAVANA!

    August 19, 2020
    Learn more about the PRAVANA S.T.E.P. up program!
  • What are the Impacts of Deregulation?

    August 18, 2020 | Kati
    Find out more about how deregulation is impacting the beauty industry.
  • PBA's New Virtual Education Webinars

    August 12, 2020
    Find out more about PBA's continued education through our new virtual webinars!
  • Legal Power Hour Webinar

    August 5, 2020
    Catch up on PBA's newest webinar series, Legal Power Hour!
  • The Road to Reinvention with the PBA Executive Summit

    July 23, 2020
    The most successful companies, brands, and individuals make reinvention part of their business strategies – and in 2020, driving purposeful transformation is more important than ever. Join the Professional Beauty Association, beauty industry thought leaders and top executives to explore the art of reinvention and dive into innovation and consumer trends to secure a strong future for your business and career.
  • We Heard You, Updates to ISSE 2021

    July 15, 2020
    A quick update on the International Salon + Spa Expo 2021.
  • Bring A Collection Back to Life with NAHA Remix

    July 8, 2020
    We are excited to announce NAHA Remix for this year's awards!
  • Going Back to Work

    June 30, 2020
    At PBA, we've been working hard to get you all the most up-to-date information, tips, and guideline when it comes to going back to work during this time!
  • Exciting Changes to NAHA 2021

    June 24, 2020 | Taylor
    Find our about all of the exciting changes to this year's North American Hairstyling Awards!
  • Preparing Your Beacon Video Introduction

    April 13, 2020 | Taylor
    The final step in the Beacon application process is making your introduction video, here are some key tips and questions to make sure you answer!
  • Make Your Instagram Shine for Beacon

    April 13, 2020 | Taylor
    Social media is powerful tool! Learn how to make yours work for your business, and for your Beacon application!