Nutrition and Physical Activity with Nate Palmer

Nutrition and Physical Activity with Nate Palmer

October 10, 2021

If you ever experience morning fatigue or brain fog, want to feel more competent or more substantial in your everyday life,  watch this webinar to learn how to do so in a sustainable way without crash dieting or health fads that do not last!

Led by the author of The Million Dollar Body Method: The Entrepreneur's Diet for Superhuman Focus and Rapid Fat Loss, - Nate Palmer shares expert advice on maintaining vibrant health! His guidance begins with finding your purpose and how to prevent burnout, which is an absolute must for any beauty professional! 

You'll learn super helpful tips such as resetting your posture throughout the day, power postures, and understanding your nutrition needs based on your daily output. Nate shares helpful habits that lead to elevating your mood, increasing energy, creating healthy routines, and better sleep!


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