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What the Beacon 2022 class experienced at Premiere Orlando

August 17, 2022

Education @ PBA

PBA's Beacon is an elite program for students that provides top beauty industry students with opportunities to gain career insights and network with leading beauty educators and influencers. The Beacon 2022 class got the chance to experience even more education at Premiere Orlando as part of their program this year.

Beacon 2022 Class

As the largest beauty show in the United States, Premiere Orlando was the perfect place for Beacon to have a pop-up event where students get to experience and see all channels of the beauty industry through an extensive list of classes, vendors, and stage performances. 

PBA’s Beacon held an exclusive pop-up event for the 2022 class on June 6th, 2022 with four classes including Foundational Color, Social Media, Cutting, and a Beyond the Chair panel. These classes were chosen with basic skills in mind that the class will be able to build upon with their career.

Beacon 2022 at Premier Orlando

The Beacon Beyond the Chair panel was designed to give students a glimpse of the realm of possibilities a career in beauty provides. The panelists included: George Alderete, Cole Thompson, Chris Baran, Barry Eichner, Jenni Nagle, Haley Kimble, and Missy Megginson, all leaders and innovators of their own rights in the beauty industry, offering a dynamic perspective on career paths in beauty, struggles, successes, and so much more.

Beacon Beyond the Chair Panelists at Premiere Orlando

We spoke with panelist George Alderete who recalled that if there was one key message from the panel and Beacon experience at Premiere Orlando is:

"BE present and NEVER fear failure

To fail is to succeed and continue to learn from our misfortunes."

-George Alderete


George describes the group of panelists as ‘electric’, offering their diverse perspectives, discussing opportunities in the growing beauty industry, and how to evolve and innovate in the ever-changing landscape. He expressed that the atmosphere as being full of appreciation, with the emotion in the room being contagious.

George Alderete with Cole Thompson

He ends his statement with, “The resources that the PBA offers with Beacon are essential and continue to elevate and support those curious entering our industry.”

We are thrilled to see that both the Beacon students and panelists were able to receive value from this event and we can’t wait for our Beacon 2023 class!

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