Person Holding a hair dryer

Congratulations to 2019 tippy scholarship recipient, Kim Cramer!

One perk of PBA Membership is the opportunity to apply for industry scholarships, so you can continue your professional education! PBA has partnered with Tippy, a beauty industry tipping platform, to provide cosmetology students and professionals with ten awards of $1,000.00. All scholarships are funded by Tippy and administered by the PBA Foundation, and funds must be used within one year of being awarded.

Congratulations to professional hairstylist and PBA Member, Kimberly Cramer, who is one of the 2019 Tippy Scholarship recipients! With over 22 years in the industry and 17 as a PBA Member, Kim understands the value of continuing education to enhance her career and stay fresh on the industry’s latest trends, techniques and business practices. Thanks to the PBA Tippy scholarship, Kim can attend new industry education events which may not have been available otherwise due to cost.

“I am honored to have been chosen to receive the PBA Tippy Scholarship. I strongly believe there’s always something to be learned in this industry, whether you are just out of cosmetology school or a long-time stylist. Continuing education is not optional, in my opinion, and I intend to use this scholarship to attend an event I may not have otherwise been able to attend due to cost. Scholarships are invaluable to cosmetologists and I am grateful they are offered through the PBA!”

Kim recently realized the opportunity for continuing education through PBA’s scholarships. As a strong believer in the need for continuing education in the beauty industry, she recognized that applying for the Tippy scholarship was a great opportunity to possibly offset some of the expense of traveling or registering for educational classes. “I regularly attend several hair shows each year, as well as subscribe to webinars and attend classes offered in my area. I admire several educators and plan to attend one of their classes with the scholarship funds!”

As a longstanding member of PBA, Kim has experienced first-hand the value of belonging to an organization that makes it possible for beauty professionals to access essential education opportunities, business tools, and personal benefits. “I feel the PBA has always encouraged continuing education by offering professionals scholarships, discounted tickets to hair shows and events like ISSE, and industry magazines like American Salon. I’m also pleased to see that PBA has partnered with health insurance providers for their members. For many small business owners and self-employed individuals, healthcare is a critical issue. Any help with that is extremely valuable!”

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