Using precision, skill and creative techniques, the NAHA Haircolor category honors artists who push color boundaries through precise color manipulation, placement, and application. 

These highly skilled colorists display unrivaled artistry, consistency and creativity and continually leave us in awe of what is possible with hair color.

Stylist Guidelines

  • Wigs are allowed.
  • Natural and hair extensions and hair pieces are allowed. (Note: Any material that is a headpiece, hair ornament or art worn on the head is NOT allowed.)
  • Must submit the NAHA Haircolor Technical Sheet for each entry.

Model Requirements

  • May use one or more models
  • Must showcase three unique looks (Different models will showcase the suitability of the color method and suitability of the model.)
  • Signed NAHA Haircolor Release Form

Image Requirements

  • All images must be in JPEG (.jpg) format
  • Images must be 8x10 inches with a resolution of 300DPI (CMPI not accepted)
  • Three before image* 
  • Three unedited, unretouched Images 
  • Three final images
  • Retouching of the image’s color is allowed**.
  • Retouching of the hair’s shape, texture or color is not allowed.

*NOTE: Before images must be taken on the same day of color service. If using a wig, before images may be taken on a mannequin head or on your model.
**NOTE: Special Photographic Effects are allowed as long as they do not hinder the judges viewing of the hair

Category Tips

  • Haircolor work should complement the cut.
  • Does the background take away from the color work?
  • Does the collection make you want to know how it was done?