Hairstylist of the Year


Honoring the best stylists in the industry, the NAHA Hairstylist of the Year category embodies excellence and artistry, and possesses a drive to elevate hairstyling, and impact global trends through their innovation, creativity, skill and techniques.

Artists in this category showcase their expertise across a multitude of technical skills acquired through the investment of time and experience in the industry.

Stylist Guidelines

  • Wigs are allowed.
  • Natural and synthetic hair extensions and hair pieces are allowed. (Note: Any material that is a headpiece, hair ornament or art worn on the head is NOT allowed.)

NOTE: Images entered in the Hairstylist of the Year cannot be entered into any other category.

Model Requirements

  • May use one more models (Use of more than one model shows expertise in suitability of the model.)
  • A collection of five looks. The collection must demonstrate mastery working with: long hair, short hair, up-styling, cutting and coloring and texture (wavy, curly, coily – the final look may show the hair in its natural state of wavy, curly, coily or manipulated into a straight look).
  • Signed NAHA Hairstylist of the Year Release Form

Image Requirements

  • All images must be in JPEG (.jpg) format
  • Images must be 8x10 inches with a resolution of 300DPI (CMPI not accepted)
  • Five before images* 
  • Five unedited, non-retouched Images 
  • Five final images 
  • Retouching of the image’s color is allowed**.
  • Retouching of the hair’s shape, texture or color is not allowed.
  • Black and White images are allowed

* Before images must be taken on the same day of service. If using a wig, before images may be taken on a mannequin head or on your model.
**NOTE: Special Photographic Effects are allowed as long as they do not hinder the judges viewing of the hair 

Category Tips

  • Work must demonstrate the pinnacle of world-class hairdressing.
  • Photos should beautifully demonstrate the harmony between the stylist’s skill and the photographer’s understanding of how to properly capture that skill on camera.
  • The collection should demonstrate a breadth of the entrant’s talent as an artist, covering many aspects of hairstyling.
  • Winning collections should be timeless.