Makeup Artist of the Year

Rules & Regulations

From runway, to film, to print - makeup has the ability to complete or transform an entire look, create a mood or define elegance. 

Through creative application, artistry, vision and technique, the NAHA Makeup Artist of the Year category honors the best makeup artists in the industry.

Model Requirements

  • Must showcase three unique looks
  • Signed NAHA Makeup Artist of the Year Release Form

Image Requirements

  • All images must be in JPEG (.jpg) format
  • Images must be 8x10 inches with a resolution of 300DPI (CMPI not accepted)
  • Three Before Images* (no larger than 8MB each)
  • Three Unedited, Unretouched Images 
  • Three Final Images 
  • Retouching of the image’s color is allowed**.
  • Retouching of the makeup’s color or texture is not allowed.

* Before images must be taken on the same day of service. 
**NOTE: Special Effects are allowed as long as they do not hinder the judges viewing of the makeup

Category Tips

  • The total look is still important – images should be well composed.
  • The makeup should ENHANCE the photo – not OVERPOWER it.
  • Does the photography accentuate the model’s beauty and makeup?
  • Close-up camera shots are encouraged, however not a requirement.