Frequently Asked Questions

A new rule requirement in the Texture, Haircutting and Haircolor categories is the before picture – what does this picture need to show in order to qualify?

The before picture should showcase what the hair (or wig) looks like before any color, cutting, or styling. Before images must be taken on the same day of service. If using a wig, before images may be taken on a mannequin head or on your model. Additionally, you will need to submit unedited before photos. Be sure to read the rules and regulations for each category before starting your shoot. 

Can I submit a collection to NAHA and another competition, or share on Instagram?

NAHA entry collections CAN be published prior to entry, and CAN be submitted to other regional, national or international competitions.

Can I enter multiple categories?

Entrants may enter the same collection of images into as many categories as they would like in the same year only with the following exceptions:

Entrants can submit up to three collections per category.

When is the entry deadline?

Due to the coronavirus, we have extended the entry deadline to October 2, 2020 to allow artists more time to envision and create their collections.

There are two new categories this year! What are those categories and how do I enter?

Our Educator of the Year and Inspiring Salon categories were created to showcase those in the beauty community who inspire others around them. 
The NAHA Educator of the Year category recognizes those who make significant contributions toward elevating the industry’s professional standards of excellence. 
The Inspiring Salon of the Year celebrates salon culture – whether it’s your salon environment or how your salon connects to the community.

How do I nominate someone for salon of the year?

Please read our rules for Educator of the Year and Inspiring Salon of the Year to find out how to enter these two new and exciting categories.

Why are there no Nail, Newcomer or Salon Design categories for 2021?

We’re continually working to evolve NAHA. In order to make room for the two new categories for 2021, we had to make some difficult decisions on categories to remove. Unfortunately these categories were experiencing a decline in entries, and removed for 2021. 

What is the judging criteria for the categories?

Technical Categories 

  • Technical Skill 50%
  • Cohesive Collection 20%
  • Creativity 30%

Educator of the Year 

  • Overall impact on the lives of beauty professionals – 50%
  • Demonstrated contributions to the beauty industry through education – 25%
  • Commitment to innovation and excellence in education – 25%

Inspiring Salon of the Year 

  • Overall impact on the salon, employees and/or community – 100%
  • How has the initiative helped enhance the culture within the salon or project?
  • How has the initiative delivered business benefits?
  • How has it improved engagement within the salon and throughout the community?
  • Is it sustainable? Will it leave a lasting legacy?

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NAHA 2021

Entry Is Open!

For over 30 years, thousands of talented artists have pushed the boundaries of skill and creativity, competing to win a coveted NAHA - the most prestigious award in the professional beauty industry. 

For 2021, we are excited to announce two new categories, and that we will be eliminating the Salon of the Year, Nail, and Newcomer categories.

Entry is open until November 18, 2020!
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