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Liability coverage with your PBA insurance

While being an independent contractor or individual stylist during this time can be difficult, we at PBA are doing everything in our power to make sure our Member’s can fully understand the insurance coverage and resources available during this time. PBA partners with an industry insurance specialist who offers liability coverage at a discounted PBA Member rate. However, a government-required shutdown loss of business is unfortunately not covered by the policy. We took some time this week to talk with Jenny at Universal Insurance to make sure you know exactly what your policy does for you.

So, if you have Professional Liability coverage, what does that mean for you? Well, “this is coverage for accidents or negligent acts that arise while performing your covered services.” However, it is important to note that many independent contractors only have Professional Liability coverage in place with no Property or General Liability coverage – meaning there will be no Business Interruption coverage. Business Interruption coverage is only triggered when suspension of business is caused by a physical loss, such as a fire.

This is a very uncertain time for everyone right now, but there are daily updates on government rules, regulations and resources that will help the industry during this difficult time.

Stay safe, stay informed, and for all up-to-date information and details, please visit