Spring 2021 Legislative Update

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Spring 2021 Legislative Update

March 24, 2021

State legislative sessions are in full swing. Professional Beauty Association’s Government Affairs Team is tracking 792 bills across the country that would affect the beauty industry, an all-time record! Read the latest information and take action on bills affecting our industry.

Don't forget to sign up to become a Beauty Advocate! Already an advocate? Encourage your friends and coworkers. Text PROBEAUTY to 52886 to become a Beauty Industry Advocate!

Arkansas House Bill 1746
Summary: will allow anyone to shampoo, condition, dress, dry, style, flat iron, curl, and arrange hair WITHOUT a license or training and will exempt establishments that provide these services from cosmetology licensure.

Status: referred to House Public Health, Welfare, and Labor Committee.

Take Action: https://p2a.co/ZrPP5aK 

Indiana House Bill 1364
Summary: will allow anyone to practice barbering, cosmetology, electrology, esthetics, or manicuring without a license or training.

Status: referred to the House Committee on Employment, Labor and Pensions. 
Professional Beauty Association received communication from the House Speaker Pro Tempore that this legislation will not move forward. We continue to monitor the bill and will reactivate the campaign if needed.

Mississippi Senate Bill 2342 and Mississippi Senate Bill 2343
Summary: will allow anyone to arrange, style, curl, dry or straighten hair, apply eyelash extensions, and thread eyebrows without a license or training.

Status: failed to meet deadline to move out of committee. Will not move forward.

Missouri House Bill 789
Summary: will allow anyone to cleanse, dry, or style hair and perform hair braiding and eyebrow threading without a license or training. 

Status: Introduced.

Take Action: https://p2a.co/48sAToc

Nevada Senate Bill 178
Summary: will add blow-drying ad curling hair to the definition of a shampoo technician and allow this to be practiced with only 20 hours of training and no requirement of a license.

Status: referred to Senate Commerce and Labor Committee.

Take Action: https://p2a.co/iwRhHqi

New Hampshire HB 606
Summary: will allow anyone to provide cosmetology services without a license if the services are being provided without payment. 

Status: referred to House Executive Departments and Administration Committee, hearing held, eligible for executive session. 

Take Action: https://p2a.co/WhMZIYu 

North Dakota House Bill 1426
Summary: will allow anyone to shampoo, condition, dress, dry, style, flat iron, curl, and arrange hair and apply eyelash extensions without a license or training. 

Status: Status: failed to pass committee. Will still be heard by Senate but unlikely to pass without passing committee.

Take Action: https://p2a.co/aWjIvYw 

Oklahoma Senate Bill 756
Summary: will allow individuals to practice cosmetology without a license if they are certified by a private institution. The bill does not include any language about the necessary training that would be required through the private institution. Additionally, individuals who are not licensed will not require the oversight of the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology.

Status: referred to Oklahoma Senate Business, Commerce, and Tourism Committee.

Take Action: https://p2a.co/44LNqTb

Oklahoma Senate Bill 850
Summary: will allow any licensed barber, cosmetologist, or manicurist to offer those services to a customer in the customer's private residence. 

Status: passed Senate

Take Action: Stay tuned for take action link with House committee assignment. 

Utah Senate Bill 87 and Utah House Bill 266
Summary: will allow anyone to shampoo, condition, dress, dry, style, flat iron, curl, and arrange hair without a license or training. This bill has been substituted with modified language, but still exempts the services from licensure. 

Status: Signed by Governor.

West Virginia House Bill 2325
Summary: will prevent the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists from regulating the use, application, or administration, by unlicensed persons whether for compensation or not of hair, nail, skin, and other beauty products that are commonly available as retail, consumer products. This bill would allow anyone to provide beauty services without a license or training as long as the products used were commonly available. 

Status: Passed House, referred to Senate Government Organization Committee

Take Action: https://p2a.co/AOBKD6G 

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