Ryan and Kim from Scottsdale Salon

Take a tour of this high vibe salon in Scottsdale!

Ryan M. Salon, housed in a glamorous high-rise building in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, is a bustling space with a modern and eclectic design inspired by the owners’ – Ryan and Kim McKinley – travels through Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

“We designed it ourselves! We were inspired by, well… everywhere, and we wanted to pick and mix our favorite elements and touches from each city that we love.” Though quietly concealed from the street outside, Ryan M. Salon is as active during a Wednesday at lunchtime as a Manhattan club might feel on a Friday night. Gauging from the warmth and energy that radiates from the stylists, not to mention endless Insta-worthy photo ops inside, it’s easy to see why this salon is such a hot spot.

A neon sign glowing “Good hair is all you need” is the first statement piece to welcome visitors upon entry, while a tour through the salon floor presents palm trees, fur rugs, large-scale art and pastel splashes that sprawl across the powder room walls. Sleek metallics, emerald velvet couches and lush accent walls bring an upscale and elevated vibe to the space, which incorporates various textures, materials, color and shine.

The vibe and bustle of Ryan M. Salon is no accident, thanks to Ryan’s vast experience in the beauty industry and drive to serve and build an elite clientele. After growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah, Ryan was accepted to the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica at 18 years old. After just three years in California, he opened his own salon in Salt Lake City (which quickly doubled in size), and after seven years Ryan sought to expand into a market that could accommodate his proven business success.

“When I visited Scottsdale, everything just fell into place. It worked out in ways that I couldn’t imagine, and I knew that was the next step.” Serendipitous events during a family trip to Arizona connected Ryan with one of Scottsdale’s most prominent salon owners at the time, and the rest is history. A decade of helping grow the salon through his mastery of color, customer charm and sharp business skills, Ryan was ready to once again open his very own salon, Ryan M. Scottsdale, in February of 2019.

The salon is getting attention from more than just Scottsdale locals… “We just had Serge [Normant] here, he was so fantastic, and so great to work with” shares Kim. A quick trip to Arizona was enough to inspire Meghan Markle’s hairstylist to make a surprise visit!

Not only is the barely 6-month old business growing rapidly and attracting (and retaining) some of Scottsdale’s most talented stylists, but the team have also taken the jump and entered the 2020 North American Hairstyling Awards. With years of expertise at his back, and enthusiasm for unlimited growth and opportunity within the beauty industry, Ryan M. is certainly one PBA Member to watch!

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