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Boost your beauty business with professional beauty association resources!

Independent beauty businesses are on the rise, and self-employed entrepreneurs often need resources and guides to establish their new business in the market. When growing a beauty business as an independent hairstylist, makeup or nail artist, or esthetician, there are a few essential resources that you’ll need to get your business off the ground and thriving. The Professional Beauty Association provides beauty entrepreneurs hundreds of business resources, including business blueprints, salon scripts, insurance partnerships, human resource guides and more to support your new beauty ventures!

PBA’s Director of Member Engagement, Elizabeth Fantetti, shares the top resources that beauty entrepreneurs will enjoy through PBA Membership. “As an entrepreneur it’s so important to stay healthy! PBA offers access to affordable health and liability insurance through telemedicine and teletherapy partners for very low monthly subscriptions.” Once your health is taken care of, it’s time to save money. “Exposure to new business models and thought leadership is so important to stay current in business. PBA offers discounts to industry events and online education, as well as special rates through retail partners like Dell Computers and Sally Beauty Supply.” Support your business with a healthy body and stimulated mind!

As exciting as it is to dive into the world of entrepreneurship, it can sometimes feel lonely. That’s why joining a community of like-minded professionals is essential to help grow a network of business connections and stay involved in industry conversations. “If a PBA Member has a question or is seeking a resource, they simply tap into the PBA team with a quick email or phone call. We will do our best to connect them with the information they need to be successful.”

Starting a business is fun and exciting, but there are also some important details that can be challenging to navigate when you’re new to the world of self-employment. Independent contractors and beauty entrepreneurs need to understand the steps they need to take to start and growth their business. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • They should review their state requirement for licensing a business. Every state is different so do an internet search to determine your state’s requirements related to licensing and permits.
  • There are different types of corporate structures. Know the differences and decide if you want to register as a DBA or LLC. An accountant can help decide which direction to consider.
  • Write a business plan – it’s the foundation of the business and a roadmap of how to structure, manage and grow the business.
  • Understand the costs involved in starting a business. Determine how much will be needed for start-up costs and what cash flow will look like for the first few months.
  • The more creative and fun aspects of opening a business include deciding on a name, picking the right location and defining your brand. They are all important aspects of the business too!

No beauty business can survive or thrive without a thorough understanding of current issues impacting the industry. “It’s vitally important for every professional to understand the current affairs impacting our industry. A key benefit to joining PBA is the ability to support the mission of the organization and positively influence legislation that affects the industry.” By supporting PBA, you contribute to a network of passionate professionals who support and drive awareness around key business issues, like cosmetology deregulation and other legislation, that could determine the future of beauty. Interested to learn more and explore our hundreds of business resources? Contact PBA’s Membership team today at or visit our website.