Blonde Model fashion shot with a blonde fringe with gold accessories

Bring a collection back to life with NAHA remix

Much like the rest of the beauty industry, we at PBA are committed to making a shift this year to fit in with the changing atmosphere of our world right now. We understand the amount of time that goes in to planning and executing a NAHA shoot and while you may have had extra time to storyboard and concept this year, it might be a little more difficult to shoot a collection with social distancing practices still in place. That is why we are excited to announce NAHA Remix!

Did you have a favorite past collection that didn’t make the cut? For 2021, we invite you to reinvent or “remix” an older collection to enter this year’s NAHA! Maybe you had a collection that wasn’t selected because you photo-shopped a little too much, or maybe you realized you wanted to use a different filter after you had already submitted your collection – NAHA Remix will give you the opportunity to bring that collection back to life in a new and exciting way!

Here are a few key elements about NAHA Remix to remember:

  • The collection must not have been selected previously as a finalist or winning collection
  • Make sure the collection follows all current NAHA rules for the category you wish to enter it in
  • You may enter the collection into any NAHA category (with the exception of Editorial/Session Stylist of the Year or Student Hairstylist of the Year)
  • “Remix” your collection
  • Make sure you have everything entered by October 2!

We can’t wait to see your past collections brought back to life and re-imagined for the 2021 award show! For any additional information or to enter a collection, head to