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Eye on beauty – meet the lash master crushing the business from coast to coast!

In today’s beauty news, it’s common for hair and makeup to take the cake and steal the spotlight.

But there’s another star in town, one that often goes unmentioned but is just as essential as hair and makeup to create a glamorous look and unleash a person’s inner radiance…


Celebrity eyelash artist and PBA Member Dionne Phillips, pioneer and owner of Los Angeles’ D’Lashes Luxury Lashes Defined, has harnessed the power of subtle yet impactful beauty through her immaculate eyelash extension applications.

With a high-profile clientele including style powerhouses Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Rachel Zoe and dozens more, Mrs. Phillips has transformed celebs’ windows to the soul from coast to coast for over two decades.

Dionne began building her lash empire in New York City in the early 1990s. As a model and pageant participant, Dionne experienced first-hand the impact of a strategically placed set of lashes. “I cut them myself! They made for better Polaroids and stayed on for weeks… I started applying them on all the models and employees at my auditions. I didn’t even care about the jobs I auditioned for. I cared about the lashes.”

She quickly racked up an eight-month waiting list that boasted Paris Hilton, Brandy, and DailyCandy. When Dionne caught the attention of skincare legend Kate Sommerville, who showed up and invited her to Los Angeles for a Monday appointment, the hustle exploded. “I was back and forth from modelling to auditions, and working 7 AM to 2 AM in the morning with house calls. You make your own destiny! I got my own space, had my social media and website on par, and amassed an authentic following. I gave out cards in grocery lines, at ballet studios… you must have the confidence to do your own thing.”

When asked, why lashes? Dionne says, “eyes are very important. You see everything, or nothing about a person in their eyes. Lashes are the new boob job because you can’t really tell why that person looks so polished and put together. A great lip and eye is everything. It’s not just a layer on top of a complexion.”

On top of managing her booming business, Dionne has applied to become a judge for the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) because of the opportunity to further her involvement and influence in the beauty industry. “I want to be part of a community and intervene with other professionals. To raise my knowledge or give some advice and value to others. I want to be around people like me and attract everything beauty-related. I want to have a voice and keep up to date.”

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