Male Barber cutting a man's hair wearing masks

Going back to work

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen each state slowly open back up following new guidelines and setting the standard for the new normal when it comes to a client’s experience in the salon or spa. While we as an industry have been changed to our core, we have also come out of this pandemic stronger than ever with a new outlook on the salon and spa experience and ready to serve our clients once again. At PBA, we’ve been working hard to outline the new guidelines for you in one simple place and provide additional resources to help you feel confident and ready for reopening.

Back to Work Guidelines

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of guidelines to help you best prepare for opening. These guidelines will give you a rundown of the new client engagement experience, reception area protocol, hygiene protocol, and PPE requirements. We’ve also translated them into Spanish for you here.

PBA Webinars

We’ve had some of the industry’s best and brightest join us during this time to give tips and tricks on how to Own Reopening and Prep for Success – from insurance tips, to how to best sell retail, we created critical information and resources to help get back in to business.

PPE Resources

Our team has been working with PPE resource companies to bring our member’s discounts on protective equipment. Face shields and face masks are going to be uniform for the foreseeable future, so invest in some fun patterns and colors so that you can change it up every so often!

For the most up-to-date information on going back to work, check out