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Charlie Price talks about how important it is to put together your NAHA dream team.

Charlie Price is no stranger to the spotlight. His talent has graced runways from here to Milan, his work has been featured in numerous magazines, he’s won awards, mentored future leaders, and even appeared on season 2 of Shear Genius on Bravo. Charlie also understands the importance of having a solid team to back you through all the ups. Making sure that the team backing you up align with your vision and creative direction is just as important as the shot and collection itself. We caught up with Charlie to talk about building a NAHA dream team, find out how below!

How can a photographer elevate your collection and help take it to the next level and how important is it to make sure your visions align?

The right photographer is crucial to a successful entry – hiring a photographer that loves beauty and fashion is key -those that do this kind of work regularly are the best because they will understand the categories and the competition – they are able to offer advice during every phase of your shoot. 

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is looking to enter NAHA for the first time?

Decide why you are entering what to you want out of the shoot – whether you win or place as a finalist. How will these images fit into your current marketing strategy? Choose a category that complements your brand identity and career aspirations – if you specialize in weddings enter hairstyling not Avant Garde or Haircutting for example. If you are a Haircutting expert maybe don’t enter texture and so on. 

You mentioned entering a collection to NAHA that was shot on your phone for the texture category. If someone was considering a NAHA collection shot on a phone, what are a few tips?

  • Get models of various races with fine features and perfect skin – long necks if possible
  • Use natural light (this will erase the need for pricey photo equipment)
  • Have an interesting but simple location that lends itself to sunlight 
  • Practice shooting your models in advance so you can get an idea of how to utilize the cell phone format 
  • Shoot as pure and clean as possible – too many retouching apps or numerous filter layers finish the resolution of cell phone photos very quickly 

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