Image of Jamie Digrazia


NAHA winner and PBA member, Jamie DiGrazia talks about what it’s like owning an inclusive salon in Chicago.

Logan Parlor Salon, located in Chicago, Illinois, is one of the first of its kind. A hair salon and safe space for the LGBTQ+ community, Logan Parlor was founded on the principles of offering inclusive, gender-neutral service pricing based on the length of haircuts provided, rather than the client’s gender.

Salon owner Jamie DiGrazia is a multi-year North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) finalist, 2018 NAHA Men’s Hairstylist of the Year winner, and passionate LGBTQ+ activist. As a Level 4AA REDKEN Artist, Jamie travels the country to facilitate education sessions, hair shows, and other ticketed programs that help grow cosmetologists’ professional skill sets.

In her professional world, Jamie demonstrates a keen ability to create shapes and styles that emphasize the unique aesthetics of textured hair. In her latest NAHA Men’s Hairstylist collection, Jamie expertly highlighted striking silhouettes that incorporate fluid movement with bold structure and bring attention to captivating elements of men’s and male-identifying aesthetics.

“Redken pointed me in the direction and encouraged me to enter NAHA. My partnerships with Redken and PBA have given life a bit of a turn and I feel like the game has been leveled up. Now I’m not just cutting hair in the salon, but I’m influencing other people that are home cutting hair. My team is excited for me because I get to go and learn so much and bring it all back. Entering these competitions sparks inspiration for everyone in the salon and our industry. It’s really cool,” she explains.

As a PBA Business Member, Jamie appreciates the resources that the association offers business owners and artists.

“I didn’t know there was an organization with the influence and knowledge that PBA has. Not until after Logan Parlor opened, did I realize how many resources were available. Our industry has an organization that has our back, and that’s pretty cool.”

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