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New Jersey salon industries gain representation amid Covid-19 pandemic

During the pandemic, New Jersey salon, spa and schools received a new advocacy group staffed with volunteers. The group helped in the recovery, development, and structuring of legislation to offer aid through the abrupt and constant changes the pandemic has presented.

The flagship New Jersey Salon Spa and School Alliance (NJSSSA) integrated with the New Jersey Business and Industry Association (NJBIA) to help the industry through unprecedented economic shifts, which may be here to stay. NJBIA has fully supported NJSSSA and guided them through legislative processes and advocated the industry’s needs by supporting or suppressing specific bills. The dire need for this representation was evident as an incredible amount of bills were presented to them since their integration in May of 2020.

With no exams scheduled during the pandemic, Christine Modica and James Alba, along with their co-chairs, NJBIA, and Assembly support, successfully passed legislation to allow for Cosmetology teachers to get permitted, as well as Cosmetology students to gain attestation for their knowledge, resulting in successful employment amongst newer professionals.

Aside from this, NJSSSA championed Mobile Units, extended regulations 3 years longer for suite structured businesses, presented workforce development blueprints, met with board members to share trials throughout the industry, lobbied for realistic and secure Covid-19 protocols, postponed Domestic Violence bills while businesses are recovering, studied and suggested regulation updates for the entire state, and continue to fight illegal home services, which are causing a rift in the industry and the economy as a whole.

NJSSSA reached out to the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) to request support through trying times and they have successfully worked together to advise, and share issues each state is facing with feasible solutions.

Prior to the formation of NJSSSA, Modica had successfully lobbied on her own to change PTO requirement outlines for the industry, while Alba coached and assisted salons in their operations on a national level. For more information about NJSSA please email Wayne Staub at or visit