Read about PBA’s efforts about the FICA Tax Tip Fairness in Forbes.

The 45B FICA Tax Tip Credit is a tax incentive that will have significant benefits for both employees and salon owners within the beauty industry. Access to this credit would allow beauty establishment employers to claim a tax credit on their share of FICA taxes on tips received by their employees. By doing so, salon owners can reduce their tax liability and provide a flourishing workplace environment for their employees.

This credit exists in the tax code and has been available to restaurant owners for three decades. Extending the credit to the beauty industry will allow salons and spas to reduce their tax burden, making it more cost-effective to maintain a strong team and reward their staff for exceptional service. Most importantly, it will create a fair application of the tax code and remove the financial roadblock owners face when taking on the responsibility of making sure their employees are compliant in reporting tip income.

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) has played a crucial role in advocating for the FICA Tax Tip Credit for the beauty industry. PBA has been actively engaged in organizing the beauty industry’s lobbying efforts and education campaigns to raise awareness about this valuable tax credit. If passed, this effort will keep funds in beauty businesses to the benefit of the entire industry.

Recently, PBA’s dedication to extending the FICA Tax Tip Credit gained national recognition when they were featured in a Forbes article, which ran as a Daily Cover Story. This article highlighted PBA’s instrumental role in advocating for this tax credit to Congress and educating industry professionals about its advantages. It emphasized how PBA’s advocacy has highlighted the disparity in the tax code that comes at the expense of a largely women and minority-run industry and the need to level the playing field. Doing so would improve tax compliance, a win for both the beauty industry and the IRS.

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