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The PBA insurance marketplace: providing affordable insurance options to you and your salon!

The Professional Beauty Association works closely with select insurance providers to give eligible Members special salon insurance solutions. From health insurance, to dental and vision, life and liability insurance, and more, our provider partners specialize in creating customized insurance plans for beauty professionals and their businesses.

PBA Members who are searching for additional insurance coverage, updated coverage packages or lower cost insurance plans are encouraged to explore the PBA Insurance Marketplace!

With multiple offerings for beauty professionals and salon owners, the PBA Insurance Marketplace provides a wealth of options for customized insurance packages and benefits. With effective, low to no waiting periods and premiums starting at affordable prices, PBA is confident that you’ll find the insurance resources you need!

Let’s take a closer look at some available insurance options:

Liability insurance helps protect salon and spa professionals and the businesses they work for if an accident occurs that harms clients or damages the salon space. Liability insurance acts as a safety net in case you’re ever faced with a legal battle requiring expensive representation, repair costs, and/or medical bills. There are a few types of risk that liability insurance protects beauty professionals against:

  1. General Liability. This covers accidents that occur on the business property, like trips and falls, which result in injury and require payment for medical and legal expenses.
  2. Malpractice and product liability. Liability insurance protects against damage accidentally caused by the salon professional or the products and tools that they use, such as a blow dryer burn or chemical irritation from hair color.

Health insurance provides cosmetology professionals coverage to see primary care physicians, specialists, and obtain affordable prescriptions. For the cost of a co-pay, health insurance allows you to see a doctor as soon as you need to relieve illness or injury.

To explore trusted insurance providers and request additional information about available plans, visit the Insurance Marketplace!