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A helpful guide: here’s your 2020 ISSE exhibitor timeline

The International Salon and Spa Expo is the biggest and best beauty show on the West Coast! Whether you’re interested in exhibiting for the first time or coming back to ISSE with a new and improved booth, we’d love to have you join us on the show floor. We’re sharing a few tips and timelines to help you successfully plan your booth build out, promotion schedules and team travel as we begin gearing up for ISSE 2020. Use this plan as a starting point to begin strategizing your ISSE experience.

5-6 months before the show:

  • Explore the PBA Exhibitor Resource Guide (coming soon!) to check out available booth options and prices, as well as show sponsorship opportunities. This document offers key information on booth furnishing and utilities, labor, registration and more… plus ISSE attendee insights and show features.
  • Start planning with your marketing team and brand managers to determine how your booth will support your sales and marketing strategy.
  • Begin planning email and social media campaigns, giveaway promos, and influencer campaigns to promote your brand presence at ISSE. You don’t have to launch these now, but it’s wise to strategize a few months in advance of the show.
  • Contact the PBA Sales team to reserve your booth!

3-4 months before the show:

  • Once you’ve reserved your space, it’s time to construct your booth. Consult your design team and brand managers to determine layouts and branding that will help achieve your expo goals. Begin ordering promo items like marketing brochures, product samples and décor to help brand your space. This is also the time to take stock of the product you’ll need to order so you can hit sales goals.
  • There are plenty of opportunities to have a brand presence at ISSE. Consider signage for your booth to provide more information about your company, and small branded takeaway items for attendees like gift bags, Chapstick, pens and other goodies.

2 months before the show:

  • Confirm final delivery deadlines for your booth shipment and promotional materials so everything will arrive on site, on time.
  • Make sure your team is on board with all sales goals, live demonstration techniques and messaging, and expectations for a successful show! It’s never to early to start rehearsing and setting expectations.
  • Are your social media and email campaigns live? By now, you should be generating interest for your online audiences and customers to come see you at ISSE. You might even want to tease a promo to stir up some incentive!

1 month before the show:

  • Finalize your staff’s travel schedules and any on-site special events, like dinners or trainings. Continue your marketing promotions.
  • It’s time to roll out the booth! Label, tape, inventory and ship all promo items, products and marketing materials that you’ll need on site.

1-2 weeks before show:

  • It’s nearly showtime! Get excited and start packing your bags. Don’t forget these important items for your carry-on: business cards, phone and computer chargers, extra SD cards for your camera, and band-aids for all the walking you’ll be doing!

If you have any questions about exhibiting at ISSE 2020, you can learn more on the ISSE Exhibitor website.