Milady Launches Industry’s First Certification in Client Well-Being & Safety

Milady Launches Industry’s First Certification in Client Well-Being & Safety

November 9, 2020

Nov 1, 2020

Your clients should always feel safe, period. But Milady believes client safety goes well beyond offering a clean and disinfected environment. Barbers and beauty professionals like you are uniquely positioned to sense a client’s physical safety and well-being.

In addition to reinforcing infection control best practices, the Milady RISE Certification in Client Well-Being and Safety brings awareness to two critical causes: domestic abuse and human trafficking. Thanks to your close and trusted relationships with clients, you can serve as their first line of support during difficult and dangerous situations. This 3.5-hour online course will teach you how to do it safely.

Milady partnered with the Professional Beauty Association’s CUT IT OUT® program (The Beauty Community Against Domestic Abuse) and has committed to donating one-third of the proceeds to support awareness of the covered causes.

Maximizing the Impact with a Free Partner School Program

As part of the announcement, Milady has launched a RISE Partner School program, which provides free access to this critical content for all beauty school students.

School directors can see program details and apply here.

Be an Ally to the Most Vulnerable

During the pandemic, cases of domestic abuse and human trafficking have only increased, putting even greater responsibility on our industry to take the initiative.

There is no better time to learn about these topics. Getting certified means knowing how to recognize when a client might be at risk, giving a voice to the most vulnerable, and making a positive impact on your community.

Milady has set a goal of educating 100,000 learners every year on these topics. Collectively, we can elevate beauty professions and help stop domestic abuse and human trafficking.

Visit to enroll and get certified.

About Milady

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