New Categories, New Rules, and Interactive Creative Conversations Kick Off NAHA 2021 to Accommodate #StayAtHome.

April 14, 2020 (Scottsdale, AZ) – The Professional Beauty Association is pleased to to announce it is opening the 2021 North American Hairstyling Awards Entries on June 11th, and as a response to the world’s coronavirus pandemic, has revamped this year’s entry process by introducing new categories & eliminating others, establishing new rules, and launching a series of interactive weekly creative Instagram conversations to help navigate not only this new territory, but to help artists create their most inspired NAHA collection ever. Entries open on June 11th, 2020 and close on October 2nd, which is an extended time frame to accommodate current federal and local Stay Home orders.

NAHA has been the most prestigious professional beauty competition in North America for over 30 years, honoring the salon industry’s top artists – who push the boundaries of skill and creativity. This year is undoubtedly different; it’s a challenging time filled with uncertainty. The PBA is calling on all artists to unleash their creativity and show what we can do when we channel our energies and determination into artistry; connected by passion and united by beauty.

In this changed climate, the PBA highlights these NAHA 2021 entry adjustments below:

Two New Categories:

  • Inspiring Salon of the Year: The salon environment can be a place of community and belonging, a space of healing and empowerment. The best salons build a feeling of winning together when times are good—and sticking together when times are tough. The NAHA “Inspiring Salon” category celebrates salon culture – whether it’s your salon environment or how your salon connects to the community. For more details on rules and guidelines, please visit:
  • Educator of the Year: They’re mentors and teachers. They influence trends through innovative methods and techniques. They cultivate excellence and change lives. The NAHA “Educator of the Year” category recognizes those who make significant contributions toward elevating the industry’s professional standards of excellence, honoring those who inspire, lead and teach us to be the best at all we do. For rules and guidelines, please visit:

Eliminating Three Categories: “Nail,” “Newcomer,” and “Salon Design” categories have been eliminated from the 2021 program.

Previously Published & Non-Exclusive Submissions: This year, NAHA entry collections may be published prior to entry, and can be submitted to other regional, national or international competitions. The “Editorial Stylist of the Year” category also enables editorial work published in any consumer media outlet from September 1, 2019 through September 1, 2020 to be submitted, honoring editorial and session hairdressers who have an extraordinary ability to create innovative and award-winning looks for print and online media. More information on this category:

NAHA Creative Conversations: To help spark creativity and unleash the path to NAHA, special guest host Michael Shaun Corby will present a series of weekly digital NAHA conversations with previous winners and industry icons. These dynamic, interactive conversations will be presented throughout April and May via Instagram Live on @probeautyassoc and at for future viewing. These interactive events will be dedicated to helping guide hairdressers on creating and submitting a winning collection. Below is the schedule; subject to change:

  • Chelsea James, Friday, April 17th at 2pm PST: Introducing NAHA 2021 with guest and NAHA winner Chelsea James, highlighting her process for motivating herself, creating collections with purpose, and where NAHA has taken her.
  • Christopher Dove & John Simpson, Friday, April 24th at 2pm PST: These two NAHA-winning industry leaders will share their inside tips for starting your collection, building your boards, sparking creativity, wig work, and more.
  • Charlie Price, Wednesday, April 29th at 2pm PST: NAHA winner Charlie Price will dive into how to build your NAHA dream team — models, makeup artists, photographers, and more.
  • Damian Carney, Thursday, May 7th at 2pm PST: This NAHA winner who does it all — from photography to hair will give you the tips you need to master creating your submission on your own.
  • BABAK, Friday, May 15th at 2pm PST: BABAK, the notable photographer who has collaborated on a number of winning collections, will share his photography expertise on how to photograph a NAHA-winning look.
  • Tabatha Coffey, Friday, May 22nd at 2pm PST: Industry icon Tabatha Coffey will share the art of self-promotion and how to market yourself around all things NAHA.
  • Jamie DiGrazia, Friday, May 29th at 2pm PST: NAHA Winner Jamie DiGraza will share her insight on creating a compelling collection and where to gain inspiration.

NAHA submissions are judged online, in multiple rounds, by a blind panel of judges. The judging process is completely anonymous with no contact between judges or knowledge of artist names to ensure anonymity and fairness during the judging process.

For specific category rules and to enter, please visit Get inspired and learn more about the most prestigious night in beauty.