Image of Christopher Dove and John Simpson


Christopher Dove and John Simpson share their passion for education and let you know where to find the best wigs!

If there’s one thing Christopher Dove and John Simpson love to do, it’s to create and educate. They’ve achieved much both together and individually, having received recognition in print, television, and the film industry – all while developing and launching their love child together, CoCre8. These two know a thing or two about releasing your inner creative energy to build a beautiful collection, and they even had some tips on how to keep those creative juices flowing during this crazy time. We caught up with them after their NAHA Creative Conversation last week to find out more about CoCre8 and where you can find the best wigs right now!

What was your inspiration to start CoCre8? Any exciting things in store for the future?

CoCre8 began as a Love Story, which ultimately became a brand of education. The “8” is actually a combination of our initials CDJS.

We have found multiple meanings along the way about our 8 such as “New Beginnings’ & “Infinity” however it originated from us as us. Ultimately we have become a brand of Independent Education. Our combination of experience with different manufacturers and points of view have united as one message together as both partners in education and in life.

Our passion is education. We love photo-shoots as well as the grandeur of stages, though CoCre8 has seemed to evolve into the true essentials of education. Our CoCre8 ACADEMY Education in Dallas Texas has been the focus over the past year.

What has been the most rewarding part of being able to collaborate and work together?

We have over 50 combined years of industry experience. Individually we have achieved global recognition, awards, and accolades for our bodies of work in education, for major hair color manufacturers as well as print, television and film within the industry. 

We collaborate with brand manufacturers and distributors of all scales large and small. We create imagery, educational content, curriculum for their training as well as live show presentations showcasing their brands unique points of difference.

The strengths, power and recognitions of each of us have created such a unique industry message. It’s the Cre8tive Intelligence that we offer which speaks to every type of stylist.

In what ways have you seen the industry change and what inspires you most about the future of the industry?

It’s interesting that as CoCre8 education began, it was simultaneous with the Social Influencer education platform. This exposed many new educators to the industry, which has been quite enlightening. Online and quick social videos that every stylist has at their fingertips, changed what is the investment in education.  What we find is becoming the shift back to hands on education with in depth investment. It may still be online, though the importance of understanding all that encapsulates education… The How as well as the Why…

Out of all of your amazing and award-winning collections, which are you most proud of or is the most memorable?

Our collections have grown along with us. They have been brilliant detailed looks, which are a completely new vibe. What’s exciting is when viewers state that oh that’s Christopher’s work, or that’s Johns and it’s actually totally opposite. Our last collection “OBSESSIONS” is a favorite. Besides the end result, it is a collection that is inspired by the before the Art begins. If it comes from life, sound and art which then translates into hair.

What advice would you give someone working on their first NAHA collection? 

Be authentic to you. Don’t copy a look that you think will win. Be inspired yes, though think about what makes your art special. 

You mentioned wigs… what is your go to place for wigs? 

We are always on the look out for great wigs. Christopher has many different sources as his craftsmanship and skill has been established for years. His Hunger Games work exposed him to even more sources. A great online source is Hair U Wear. This is a multi tier of different wig collections.  Another is the Helena Collection brand. It is great natural hair at fair price points.

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