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Meet PBA member Lana Burke, our “education obsessed” tippy scholarship winner!

PBA is passionate about furthering the education and professional experience of its members by providing scholarships for professional development. We’ve partnered with Tippy, a beauty industry tipping platform, to provide cosmetology students and professionals with ten awards of $1,000.00. All scholarships are funded by Tippy and administered by the PBA Foundation, and funds must be used within one year of being awarded.

PBA Member Lana Burke of Portland, Oregon is just one example of a beauty professional who is driven to accelerate her career and education by applying for PBA’s Tippy Scholarship. “I’m honored to be a member of the PBA and to be a part of an industry that encourages professional excellence through education, as well as a strong sense of community. As a self-proclaimed ‘education obsessed’ individual, attending an educational event not only expands my professional knowledge and skill set, but it also gives me an opportunity to connect with other like-minded, education-oriented stylists! I’m so grateful to now have more opportunity to expand and evolve as a professional and as well as expand my community as a recipient of one of the 2019 PBA Tippy Scholarships.”

Lana has fueled her lifelong passion for hair by seeking professional education and staying on top of industry news and trends with help from the PBA. We asked her a few questions about her experience applying for (and winning!) the PBA Tippy scholarship and how she used these funds to achieve her professional goals.

What inspired you to apply for the Tippy Scholarship?

I’m a ravenous, advanced education consumer. I try to take an in-person advanced education class at least every 2 months, as well as attend multiple web-based classes monthly. The Tippy Scholarship appealed to me because it’s specifically for supporting stylists who strive for further education and I thought, “Hey, that’s me!”

How do you plan to use your Tippy Scholarship award to further your career?

Two weeks prior to receiving the scholarship, I attended an amazing hands-on hair color and extensions certification class with celebrity colorist Justin Anderson and celebrity extension specialist Kacey Welch in Los Angeles, CA. I used my scholarship funds as reimbursement for that course.

Doing so has freed up funds for me to take more hands-on classes soon. With those extra funds, I’m currently researching attending Danilo Bozic’s hands-on Airtouch hair color class, as I am fully committed to learning all the new and burgeoning hair color techniques that our industry has to offer. By staying open-minded and continuing to learn, I can evolve my skills and create a larger toolbox of techniques provide my clients with the best hair possible.

How has the Professional Beauty Association helped grow your education and career, in addition to scholarships offered?

I’m honored to be a PBA Member and to be a part of an industry that encourages professional excellence through education, as well as a strong sense of community. The PBA partners with many educational events and provides stylists with data and resources to better themselves and their business, all of which have helped me grow and become a better stylist and businessperson.

I’m so grateful to now have more opportunities to expand and evolve as a professional, and as well as grow my community, as a recipient of one of the 2019 PBA Tippy Scholarships.

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