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Meet salon coach, Carla Jones

Meet Carla Jones, salon coach and educator. With over 25 years of experience, Carla helps salons find their path to success.

Carla Jones was first introduced to the beauty industry by nail techs in a mall in 1986. She was immediately intrigued with the transformation of her nails and knew she was in love. So in 1993, she enrolled in school to get a full cosmetology license. After that she opened her first salon suite, with a simple “Hair & Nails” sign in the window.

“We didn’t have a salon where everybody went.”

Carla arrived at the salon everyday at 9am and left at 5pm, appointments or not. “I grew a business by being there everyday,” she said. After she outgrew this suite, Carla saw a gap in the industry and opened the first multi-ethnic salon in her community. “Of course, we had what we called the ‘black salons’ and the ‘white salons’ but we didn’t have a salon where everybody went,” she said.

“People who feel that that they are being heard and seen will buy in more.”

Her first experience as a business owner is what lead her to coaching. “Mistake number one was I made everything about me and not about a team,” she said “It was a hard lesson to learn, but it made me the coach I am today.” She feels that she operated out of fear of losing her business. Now, years later, Carla coaches that input from your team is essential to being a team. “People who feel that that they are being heard and seen will buy in more,” she said.

Carla’s customized approach to salon coaching is shaped by her years of experience. She helps salons recognize their individual areas of success and teaches them to standardized them. Success is not “siloed”. “Every activity impacts the bottom line,” she said.

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