United States Capital building Washington

PBA spearheads FICA support during lobby day in Washington D.C.

PBA’s Government Affairs team, and dozens of PBA Members met last week with U.S. Senators and members of Congress on Washington D.C.’s Capitol Hill to support H.R. 1349 and S. 2634, legislation which advocates for tax fairness in salon and spa businesses during Lobby Day.

PBA has been leading the charge to support tax fairness legislation and continues to inform important industry decision makers on the impact of these bills. Industry supporters and PBA Members shared their experiences during Lobby Day, and the importance of communicating the impact of the FICA Tax Tip legislation to senators and congress members.

PBA Member and Ratner Co. President and COO Phil Horvath, shared that he was “thrilled” to be part of a group of fellow salon business owners spending the day at the U.S. Capitol, meeting with congressional offices to build support and co-sponsorship of HB 1349 Small Business Tax Fairness & Compliance Simplification Act. “It was great to see all of us working together along with PBA to make this a reality. We all can benefit from a tax credit to reinvest in growing our businesses and our people. In addition, the compliance portion of the bill helps to bring fairness and equity to the industry by helping to require all types of salon business models to pay their fair share of taxes,” Phil explained.

Cindy Feldman, PBA Board member and owner of Progressions Salon Spa Store had an extremely positive and productive experience meeting with members of Congress, and shared that face-to-face conversations about beauty industry legislation are very eye opening.

Long-time PBA Members Renee and Gary Borowy from V.I.P. Salon and Spa in Riverview, Michigan explained, “We appreciate the opportunity to represent this important bill for the beauty industry! We’ve fought for this bill and feel that we made great strides in getting HB 1349 closer to being passed this week. I trust my Senator Debbie Stabenow will be more engaged than she has been in the past. Thanks to the PBA and their support. The PBA allowed us to come together to meet great people with a vested passion in helping to get this bill passed.”

Karie Bennett, PBA Salon/Spa Advisory Council Member and owner of Atelier Salon shared, “My first Lobby Day on Capitol Hill with PBA was exciting, exhausting, but most of all, satisfying. Having the opportunity to tell my point of view about HR 1349 – live and in person to people who have an influence – was very important and worth leaving my business to do. Our representatives need to not just read about this movement in an email or letter but see it on our faces and hear it in our voices. I was very aware of the impact we had from office to office, shaking hands, sharing our views, and asking for support and co-sponsorships. I feel like the impact was positive.”

To continue supporting this crucial legislation, salon owners across the country need to be involved and help share how the FICA Tax Tip Fairness legislation will affect the industry at large. To get involved, visit probeauty.org/fica to donate and contact your government representatives!