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Transform your bottom line with strategies’ revolutionary team-based structure!

Strategies and Team-Based Pay Conference founder Neil Ducoff is on a mission to help salon owners transform company cultures and boost bottom lines through a revolutionary team-based pay business structure.

A beauty industry veteran, Neil has spent the majority of his career as a business consultant and coach to salon and spa managers, helping them better understand how small businesses operate. By bringing awareness to small business adjustments that have BIG impact over time, Neil’s coaching services and live events have helped thousands of beauty business owners transform their team morale, improve client retention, and provide better benefits to staff.

This September 29-30th, join Neil and his team of coaches at Team-Based Pay Conference in Atlanta, Georgia for two days of hands-on learning, refining, and networking with the premiere compensation program designed for employee-based salons, spas and med-spas. “Teaching employees the basis of what good business is all about, has to be part of what we do. It’s what every salon owner needs. Understanding financial literacy, understanding the numbers, and being transparent with revenue goals are essential first steps to transforming businesses,” Neil shares.

“What we feel makes us different, is that every educator at the event is a Strategies coach. Everyone teaching is either living or teaching the Strategies methods every day. We’re the only crazy people out there who have a solution, but you must change the way you pay your team. When you introduce accountability, beautiful things happen.”

Strategies relies on a business model that’s system driven. Many salons are good at implementing systems, but there are just as many operating without them. “There has to be structure in the company, leadership, measurement, and critical numbers. Everyone is responsible for that. The company grows, there’s more money available for payroll and income for staff.”

“To hear business owners say, ‘I couldn’t take a paycheck, now I can,’ or ‘we had a lot of debt and today we’re debt free,’ or ‘we never paid benefits, now we have maternity leave and paid vacation,’ is priceless. That’s what Team-Based Pay allows to happen because you can control the elephant in the room, which is payroll.

Learn more about Strategies’ transformative beauty business coaching by attending the Team-Based Pay Conference!