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Why become a PBA member?

As the largest non-profit trade organization representing the beauty industry, the Professional Beauty Association exists to serve beauty professionals who improve people’s lives (that means you!).

Our number one goal is to assist you in becoming as successful in your career as possible. The best way we can help you get there is to provide Member benefits that give you the tools, resources, and opportunities necessary for success.


Through our Member Resources, we’ve made it easy to browse member benefits. You can access everything available to you at your membership level, such as discounts, resources, helpful and downloadable information, insurance information, and more.

While we encourage you to peruse the extensive amount of resources on your own, we want to show you a sneak peek into some exclusive assets you’ll receive only from PBA!


Keep your skills sharp and your education advanced and up-to-date when you use your membership to attend industry events (including all PBA events!) and receive exclusive education online and in-person with your favorite brands. Options are added online as they become available; become a member and keep checking back and see what PBA has ready for you!


PBA partners with numerous companies both in the industry directly, or those whose products would be greatly helpful in your salon or spa. From beauty products to electronics, appliances to hot tools, not to mention trendy reusable face shields and PPE supplies! Members can log in to see a full list of PBA promo codes that unlock all member discount savings and deals. Once you’re a member, it’ll be available in the My PBA Promo codes section of your PBA profile!


No matter your industry, insurance coverage is absolutely crucial. PBA can put you in touch with insurance partners who are able to build you an individual plan based on your needs for medical, dental, vision, life, disability, and more. Every state has different available options and restrictions, but in general, premiums and out of pocket costs are significantly lower and we receive rave reviews from members about the costs they have saved and the overall service they receive from our exclusive provider. Your PBA membership also extends unlimited access to doctors and licensed mental health therapist at deeply discounted rates via our telehealth provider.


Build your business with the help of industry research and reports, business blueprints (predesigned forms and documents that you can customize), and toolkits for independent contractors, salon/spa owners and distributors/manufacturers. Access to these resources varies by membership type. Some of the most utilized information includes:

  • Business Planning, featuring a strategic planning form, new idea implementation checklist, model release form, and more.
  • Guide to Compensation helps you to understand different compensation options and models that salons and spas are using.
  • Employee Evaluations provides details on how to assess different employee specialties (stylist, esthetician, nail tech, reception, and more).
  • HR Operations/General is chock-full of incredibly useful guides for your business, such as outlines for various agreements like non-compete and employee confidentiality, employee resources like handbooks and manuals, and anything else you may need extra guidance on when it comes to the nitty-gritty. There is also HR and Operations information available for distributors and manufacturers.
  • IRS Resources provides tax forms and tips for how to estimate and pay taxes depending on what type of employee you are, plus tax guides for employers.
  • Communities allow you to connect with other PBA members in a new and exciting way to swap tips, network, and support each other through shared stories and experiences!
  • Advocacy, passionate about politics? Become a Beauty Advocate to help advance the policies set forth all the way in the Senate and House by assisting in advocating projects and activations throughout the year. Share the PBA membership message with your peers and have a lasting impact all the way on Capitol Hill!


No matter what your role in the industry is, PBA offers a membership that is just right for you! Plus, we offer Business memberships that extend benefits to an entire team. If you are interested in taking your career to the next level, it is truly one of the best decisions you can make.

Student: For students currently enrolled in cosmetology school. Includes scholarship opportunities and access to discounted insurance!

($20 annually)

Preferred: For licensed professionals or those employed by a salon. Includes education discounts and access to discounted insurance!

($50 annually)

Business of 1: For the independent stylist or suite owner. Includes Toolkits to help you navigate the waters of your growing business.

Business: For business owners. Multiple levels are available that offer benefits to different numbers of employees depending on what Business Membership level you enroll your company in. Visit Business Membership information and scroll down to “Business Member Options” to learn more.

Visionary: The highest and most exclusive membership offered. Depending on the level chosen (Visionary, Visionary Plus, or Visionary Elite), membership includes branding and/or marketing opportunities, exclusive research and reports, sponsorship discounts, and a dedicated account manager. Learn more about the Visionary Membership tiers here.

Why become a PBA Member? It’s simple, really! As part of the membership community, your access to endless resources and the opportunity for career growth before it’s even started allows you to always be 10 steps ahead of the competition. You’ll learn more, do more, and get more, all to be more.

Join today to become a PBA Member!