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Instagrowth on Instagram: part 2


This is the best way to show clients the magic that you create. A beautiful “after” shot is one thing, but when you can pair it with how drastic the change was compared to their “before” look, your audience will really be able to see your talent. Either post them side by side together as one photo or feature them in a carousel image with the new hair first and the old hair second.

Remember, though: if you post them as one photo, make sure that aside from the hair, the pictures look identical. The photos are taken from the same distance, at the same place in the salon, etc. Most importantly, take off any robe or cape they have on from the appointment (this goes for all client photos you take)!


Did you know carousel posts perform better than a standard single photo? This is because they allow you to share more detailed and related content with your audience. Think of different ways you can share the same look in more than one photo—you could show pictures throughout the service (like the bright pink color you mixed being applied) or multiple views after the service is complete (front, back, and side).

You could even use carousel images as a way to share what products and tools you used, especially if it’s a newly launched product or something involved in a marketing promotion. Or even if it’s just your fave go-to! Once a client sees the volume you created with the texturizing spray you shared, they’ll immediately be asking for it the next time they see you. Ca-ching, commission!


Like carousels, video posts perform much better than one still image. And there’s no better way to demonstrate your skills than through tutorials and how-to videos on your professional Instagram.

We all know that tutorials are huge in beauty (how do you think we finally got our winged liner down?), offering you an instant opportunity to attract more viewers, followers, and customers. By teaching people how to achieve different styles or how to use different products, you’re proving you’re a real expert. You know everything there is to know about hair, and you’re gonna show and teach them.

Videos are also a great way to demonstrate and show the genuine, authentic you! Through pictures of clients, people get to know your stellar work as a hairdresser, but they don’t know you as a person. By sharing videos that feature you, they’ll feel even more connected and likely to book an appointment with you—they know the real you now! They know you’re fun, knowledgeable, personable, and that spending an hour or two with you will be the highlight of their day.


Encourage your selfie-taking clients to either post their photos or text them to you so you have access to use them as well. Client selfies can be used either as a post or in a story, though we do recommend if they post it as a story and include GIFs/stickers/writing, etc., that you use it as a story as well. Don’t throw off your clean, professional profile by sharing a picture that’s been doodled on.

Think of client selfies as the Instagram version of a positive review. People listen to other people and trust the recommendations given to them by those they know. If they’re willing to share their new hair with their followers and tag you in it, you know that means they’re thrilled with their new look and love having you as their hairdresser.

Make sure they tag you; then you can repost the photo to your own story, and whoever sees your client’s story will have access to your profile and see even more examples of your work. Bam. You just got some new clients.


Stories are a great place to share behind the scene photos, videos, or Boomerangs that you may not want to feature on your main feed,but give followers exclusive insight into your day at the salon. Much like video tutorials, stories help to provide a better idea of who you are and lets potential clients get to know you on a more personal level. You could share:

  • You and your teammates during training to show viewers you’re always advancing your skills.
  • Retail information, like what your favorite products are, what new products are available, or any marketing promotions.
  • Reposts of client stories with your own added sentiments. Don’t just repost their story and leave it—add a thank you, a note about how great they look, etc.
  • Repost stories from businesses surrounding your salon. When you support other businesses, they often return the favor.
  • Post a photo, video, or Boomerang of you being silly with some of your favorite clients.
  • Use polls and questionnaires. For example, use a poll to find out what kind of how-to video people want to see next, or have them ask product questions using the questionnaire feature.
  • Announce last-minute appointment opportunities if you’ve had a cancellation.

When posting stories, be sure to provide as much information as possible: tag the people in it, tag the retail featured, tag your location, and of course, tag your salon!

It’s official! Your pro Instagram is going to grow, grow, grow. You’ll be your salon’s go-to social media maven, and we can’t wait to start seeing your posts! Feel free to shoot us a message on Instagram at @probeautyassoc of a post inspired by this blog. We’d love to hear from you!