Image of a woman getting her hair done

What are these 10 ingredients doing in your salon’s professional products?

Watch this webinar in which cosmetic chemist and hair color expert Valerie George educates us about the ingredients we use on ourselves and our clients, family, and loved ones! Plan to walk away with not only a better understanding of your product’s components but how the theory of using individual ingredients alone, together, and within a routine changes everything and how they perform!

Valerie uncovers common myths such as:

  • Sulfate-free – how did that even start?
  • Silicone – is this bad?
  • Ammonia – all you need to know!

Hair color has always raised red flags on the “harsh” chemical breakup it contains. Get the expertise to finally set the record straight on hair color beliefs, such as containing chemical compounds, what each chemical does to the hair, and why they are essential to the hair service.

If you’re a hair or skin professional or want to understand better what your everyday products contain, this is a webinar you do not want to miss!